What Does Getting A Tattoo Feel Like?

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27 March 2014

By Bronwen

It is rare to find a person without a tattoo these days; whether it’s a mainstream anchor or a deep and meaningful quote. Everyone wants a tattoo and everyone will probably get one, but the most common concern is not “does this design actually mean anything g to me?” or “will I regret this when I’m 40?”. The most common concern is the pain. So what does a tattoo actually feel like?

In effect, you’re basically having a needle dragged through your skin, but if everyone is doing it, it mustn’t be that bad, right?

Well that’s true for some people. Some tattooed people say they felt no pain at all. Others say it feels like a cat constantly scratching you or a sunburn. Most people don’t find the pain overwhelming at all. Of course there’s some who say it really hurts, but almost everyone who gets a tattoo goes back for more. The only real pain seems to be around regrets.

Many hard core tattoo fans say they relish the pain, and it is the part of a beautiful, poetic process.

If you’re concerned about tattoos being painful, just remember that Justin Bieber managed to get a sleeve…


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