Whatever Next?

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30 January 2014

By NEBeep

What has the world come to? Men’s leggings more commonly known as meggings are becoming quite a popular item with the fellas.  But with mens leggings in fashion what is next? Leggings with boots attached or balloon dress. From Aztec print meggings to disco meggings, it would appear that there are more options than you would hope for this fashion item.

Available from Chicago retailer Meggings Man Clothing, the Lycra wardrobe staple have already made their mark with pop stars like Justin Bieber and comedian Russell Brand seen rocking them will the worst fashion item of 2012 become the most sought after in 2014?

Hitting the world by storm, the meggings range in price from £14.99 and can be found on a variety of sites. But if you have good legs boys why not show them off? Women are allowed to.



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