8 January 2015

By Yasmine

WhatsApp CEO, Jan Koum, has revealed that over 30 billion messages are sent through the app every day. He said the organisation is ‘humbled and excited’ by the 700 million active users.

With over 30 billion messages being sent daily, it works out at an average of 347,222 messages being sent every second.

WhatsApp is now classed as an ‘essential’ on the Apple App Store. WhatsApp is a quick and easy app to use. You can send voice messages, pictures and videos by a click of a button. You are also able to send broadcast messages, like the rival app, Blackberry Messenger. The updated version of the messaging app now lets you quickly and easily share your location with the new 3D map feature. The free app has been available to download on digital distribution sites since early 2011.

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