Which uni should I firm on UCAS?

6 April 2019

By Lauren E. White

When it comes to university and UCAS, there’s a whole load of information you’re bombarded with. And then when it comes to firming your offers, there’s a whole load of pressure you’re dealing with. If you haven’t yet confirmed any of your uni offers yet, you have until 1st May to do so. If you’re finding it difficult to choose, don’t worry – we’ve got the low down here for you.

The open day vibe

Open days at universities are a great way to grasp the vibe of the institution you could potentially be spending three years in. If you’ve been to open days of your prospective unis, try and remember how the different places made you feel.

Did you like the city? Did you feel at home there? Were the students there friendly and enthusiastic? Did the academics do their best to make you feel comfortable?

If you have a slightly bad feeling about the place itself, it’s probably best to avoid it. Your gut instinct when you visit a place should give it away on whether or not you could genuinely be at home at certain unis, so trust it.

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Social media

Sometimes it’s not possible to visit universities, so if you haven’t (or you want to know more), it’s time to put those stalking skills to good use. Get on Instagram locations and hashtags for the university (or college if your uni is collegiate) and see what students get up to in their free time.

Also, check out YouTube videos to get a feel for the uni and what it has to offer. Other students from universities often make videos about their experience, so watch with intrigue and listen to how they describe it.

How good is your course?

A massive part of university is obviously your course. If you’re studying a degree you love, the three years should pass fairly easily, and you won’t have trouble motivating yourself to do the work, which is something you’ll have to do at uni.

If there are certain modules you’d love to do at one uni that aren’t available at others, it’s a wise idea to prioritise that uni. You will undoubtedly be happier doing something you’re interested in than something that vaguely peaks your interest. But make sure you research modules for the full three years – you’re in it for the long run, remember.

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Trust your gut

As we said earlier, when it comes to confirming university places, your gut instinct is usually best. You know deep down where you’d rather be, especially if you consider all of the things we’ve mentioned.

Don’t be afraid to go where your heart tells you to go. You have to remember that you’ll be spending three years (possibly more) of your life there, uprooting your whole entire comfort zone in the process. Go where you feel at home and where you know you can be happy, not just the uni with the best reputation.

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