Why bees are so important

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10 August 2021

By Fraser

Many believe big change is needed to protect the planet and the people on it. In reality, it is the smallest creatures flying around that keep everything in balance. Those creatures are bees.

What do bees do that is so essential? The list is so numerous you couldn’t even begin to count.

For a start, honeybees are the primary pollinator of food crops. It is estimated that 80% of the world’s food crop is pollinated by bees. If we were to do the bees’ work ourselves, it would take a huge chunk out of every countries GDP.

Not only that, but the habitat loss that would occur to wildlife without bees would be absolutely catastrophic. Needless to say, bees are crucial to the environment. They look after us and we need to look after them.

As we all know, they also produce honey. Very sweet of them. However, honey isn’t just a delicious add-on to your morning pancakes. It also contains medicinal properties and it is so energy-dense.

So, why are bees facing a global decline? Habitat loss and toxic pesticide is the main cause for this. Expansion of urban development destroys bee nests and the pesticides used primarily for rodents and other insects are harmful to them by proxy.

Looking after our ecosystem goes hand in hand with protecting our bee population. Save the bees, save the trees.

However, there are plenty of options we have in order to preserve the bee population. Making your garden a bee-friendly hotspot by filling it up with flowers and plants is a start. Examples such as foxglove, sunflowers and red clover are just a start but the variety is plenty.

During the summer, and especially in this heat, many bees are seen sitting solitary upon the ground, exhausted from the heat. If possible, acquire a flower, which is what the bee will be searching for.

Also, sugar water may be needed as a boost of energy. Grab a small container or spoon and add some water along with two tablespoons of sugar so the bee gathers itself to go once again.

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And please: whatever you do, don’t swat at them. They’re not wasps. Wasps are bullies and they will be cruel to you, so take any defensive measure you need.

Bees, however, just want to go about their day. They possess only one sting attached to them and only use it as a last resort. If they sting you out of self-defence, it will kill them. So leave them be.

The essential nature of bees is something that is often overlooked in our fight to help the environment. We should always be careful and considerate of them. Despite their small size, their gentle and helpful nature is the largest force for good we have on Earth.

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