Relationships are incredibly personal things that shape people’s lives and characters in ways many of us don’t even realise. That’s why there are a lot of people out there who avoid getting into them; they are well aware that hurt at the end of relationships has the ability to overpower all of the good that happened during the relationship. And they are smart enough to realise that such hurt can change them in ways beyond their control.

That is why emotionally immature people should not be involved in romantic relationships. Those who are emotionally immature cannot offer themselves truly and completely to another, which is what a relationship is supposed to be like. If you’re emotionally immature, then you often can’t meet the needs and wishes of a partner and, this hurts – especially if your partner is more emotionally mature than you are.

Boy and Girls are Different

In fact, this is the case all too often in relationships, particularly among young people. In many of my friends’ relationships, they want or expect more from their partners than they get. And this is because they are on completely different wavelengths and are in totally separate timezones. It’s unfortunate, but it is the way things are. In my own dealings with the opposite sex, the same thing has happened twice, and it’s made me conclude that emotionally immature people should steer well clear of romantic relations, even if you’re not officially boyfriend and girlfriend (or any alternative combination).

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I have to say also that there is a particular problem with boys when it comes to being emotionally immature in heterosexual relationships. It is a well-known, scientific fact that girls mature faster than boys. Girls’ brains can begin to develop at 10, while some male brains do not mature until they are 20-years-old. This stark contrast in maturity and emotional development, then, shows why a lot of girls and young women end up disappointed and dissatisfied in their relationships. They are on different wavelengths compared to their partners.

The Importance of Identity

It is only cruel for emotionally immature individuals to get involved romantically. They are well aware they either can’t step up to what’s required of them, or well aware that they don’t want to provide what’s necessary to make things work. Regardless, it’s selfish. To take and take and take from someone without being able to give them something truly meaningful in return is selfish, and that’s how disappointment strikes in so many young relationships. Not to mention the fact that being attached at the hip to somebody when you’re both emotionally immature means you never truly form your own identity.

Forming your own identity is crucial in life. Without it, you can never be truly self-sufficient, and you will always be looking outside of yourself for reassurance, instead of inside of yourself. Being in a relationship when you’re emotionally immature is just not healthy at that stage, and it shouldn’t be a thing. Pessimistic though this may be, it’s true.

Being single rather than with someone who is emotionally all over the place is a better option. Having time to become your own person, rather than being in an intense relationship when you’re both too young, is also much better. There will be fewer tears in the end that way.