No great dreamer or achiever has ever thought that they should live in the ‘real world’. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be a dreamer or achiever. And this is primarily why I refuse to live in this so-called ‘real world’ people keep mentioning.

Anyone with ambitions beyond what is the norm and beyond what their previous family members have achieved is often told they should live in the real world. Why? Because it’s completely inconceivable to people that an individual with a slightly unconventional background for their goals can achieve it. This isn’t necessarily anyone’s fault but those at the top. Because, at the end of the day, they create the glass ceilings. And they make it incredibly difficult for such people who ought to ‘live in the real world’ – or, as people really mean, ‘know your place’ – to achieve their goals.


When people say ‘real world’, it’s a double-meaning for that and ‘your place’. It’s actually a comment that infers that you shouldn’t bother setting your aspirations so high, because they’re unattainable – for you. And, often, these people are the same ones who told you as a child that you can do anything you want to. Was that all a lie?

This is why I refuse to live in the real world. It’s full of mediocrity and lack of ambition and belief in anything bigger than what you’ve been born into. It’s full of people telling you that what your heart wants isn’t worth following. And where’s the fun in that? If you want to achieve great things, who is anyone to tell you that you can’t do them?


Now, I’m not saying that refusing to live in the real world means that you don’t recognise the adversity that comes with aiming high. It doesn’t mean that. It simply means believing relentlessly and unapologetically in what you can achieve as an individual. It is using all of your passion and energy to achieve your goal, regardless of what people think of you and how crazy your dreams might seem.

The real world is no place for dreamers or achievers. You have to be slightly mad to believe you can achieve great things… otherwise they wouldn’t be great.

So, if there’s one message to take away from this, it’s don’t give up. And don’t start giving up when people start to tell you that you need to get real. They do.