Why “The Interview” Seems Like a Silly Idea

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29 December 2014

By Bronwen

Opinions have been divided over whether or not Sony had the right to release The Interview. For those of you who don’t know what the film is about, it basically follows James Franco and Seth Rogan on a mission to kill North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. Over social media, many people have expressed their belief that Sony should be allowed to release the film and tried to justify this point with the whole “free speech” argument.

I wonder how differently America would react if North Korea released a film all about the assassination of Barack Obama… That film would probably be seen as a threat and America would probably have the country decimated faster than you can say “double standards”.

Not only does the film look like the average some-Americans-shoot-around-a-bit-then-save-the-day picture, it also seems quite dangerous to watch. North Korea have supposedly hacked Sony and many of its employees’ personal data. To watch the Interview, the consumer must pay them by credit card and then have it streamed. Suppose North Korea have hacked Sony, do you really want Kim knowing your bank details?

And while America probably has the means to defeat North Korea if it ever came to a war, they are forgetting that Kim Jong-Un is still a villainous leader, with all sorts of explosives that he is eager to launch, and should still be cautious of him for the sake of their people. The film seems like an irresponsible move for Sony, as any film showing a hypothetical assassination of a living person would appear to be a death threat. Especially since Kim Jong-Un doesn’t really seem to have a wild sense of humour.

For many, the concept of The Interview just shows the extent of Western arrogance and ignorance. Especially as these hackers threatened “9/11 violence”, America should know best of all to be careful of any country that threatens this after the horrors at the Twin Towers in 2001.

Kim Jong-Un is a dictator. He has executed citizens and forced their families to watch. He has threatened many countries with nuclear weapons. His country is appalling in terms of human rights. Kim Jong-Un is not a joke and the film could very well trigger an attack from the country; all for the sake of an hour and a half of slapstick comedy.


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