With allegations of obstruction of justice and corruption flying around against Donald Trump over in the US, impeachment – the removal of a president from office – is looking like a battle Congress is willing to fight.

Representative Maxine Waters, among others, has called for the impeachment of Trump and then his Vice President Mike Pence, who has links with supporting conversion therapy. On the matter, Waters said: “When we finish with Trump we have to go and get Putin. He’s next.” She clarified a few seconds later that she meant Pence, not Russian President Putin (whose holiday photos in Siberia this week are stellar if you’re looking for some comedic relief).

Eric Trump

Not only does Trump have many enemies in Congress and disloyal staff (see: the leaking of phone transcripts with international leaders), he has a special prosecutor investigating his links with Russia during the election campaign. This is a result of the revelation that his son, Eric Trump, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, met with senior Russians in what is widely speculated to be collusion. Trump himself seemingly had no idea about it, though…

Now, this impeachment talk seems all well and good – until it actually happens before Trump is able to let the American people down.

Of course, I am absolutely no fan of Trump, I’ve made that clear (far too) many times. It would be kind of funny to see him impeached, mostly because he doesn’t deserve to be the President (he didn’t win the most votes after all!). But while it would be kind of funny for me and all others who really don’t like him, the aftermath would not be remotely entertaining.

The London riots that many believe ended up being a political revolt could well be seen in the US if Trump is impeached

Whether or not Trump won the most votes, he is the president and many people in their millions did vote for him. He is a symbol of the growing anti-establishment feeling and the people’s revolt against the Washington elite. Therefore if he were to be impeached by the Washington elite themselves against the will of the people, there would be hell raging through the streets of America. It is that simple.

Much like if Brexit was not carried out, people would be angry and there would be even more divide in society. And it doesn’t take a genius to know that isn’t what we need right now – or ever.

Trump in his gold-plated tower before representing working-class Americans

Impeaching Trump wouldn’t stop the feeling many Americans have. The feeling of being left behind and not being represented or cared for in government. Of course, Trump doesn’t actually represent them: he lived in a tower right next to Tiffany & Co. in New York City before the White House. But that isn’t the point. The point is that people believe he represents them. They believe in him.

So what the Americans should be doing is letting Trump disappoint. Let him show the Americans who voted for him that he is no different – and certainly no better – than the Washington elite. The only way people will believe Trump is as bad as he is is if they see it and learn it for themselves. And the only way that will happen, is if he is to complete the full term.

You cannot kill an ideology by booting out Trump. Let Trump kill the ideology and himself (metaphorically, obviously) so that we can all move on and grow forward into the future, whatever that may hold…