Why You Should Keep a Blog

In the 21st century, being the proud owner of a blog is like being the proud owner of a book of confessional poems in the 19th century. You can express your thoughts and feelings to the world as well as recounting tales of your hilarious endeavors to the internet. We love blogs and thought to compile a list of the (many) reasons there are to keep a blog:

1. It’s easier to hide – if you don’t want people knowing what sort of shenanigans you get up to, it’s a lot easier than a big bulky journal to hide from snooping eyes. You can even have password protected blogs that only you and close friends know about.

2. Input from strangers – If you’re making a tough decision about something, an unbiased view can really help you to make the right choice. By blogging about your life and listening to comments from other internet users, you can find yourself with some great advice.

3. Great software – today there are so many platforms to use when creating a blog. There’s wordpress, tumblr, blogspot and hundreds of other sites, each with their own unique features that suit different people in different ways.

4. Good for reminiscing- In ten years’ time, all of your posts about your adventures will all be in one place for you to look back over and smile about.

5. You can add gifs. We’ll just leave this right here: