Widow’s War

18 November 2014

By Yasmine

A grieving widow took her dead husband’s ashes to a T-Mobile store in Caerphilly in a desperate bid to end her husband’s mobile phone contract. Maria Raybould, 56, said “I’ve had texts asking if he wanted to pay an extra £2.50 for broadband and letters saying that bailiffs are coming”.

Before David Raybould died in August, he was paying a £26 a month contract for a Samsung Galaxy mini SII. The day after her husband sadly passed away due to cancer, her son went to sort out the phone bill, since then, she and her son have been back and forth to the T-Mobile branch with a death certificate, a letter from the crematorium, the funeral bills and finally, his ashes in a plea to terminate his contract.

But still T-Mobile have yet to close the dead man’s account. What is the world coming to?

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