Will Vladimir Find His Gold at the End of the Rainbow?

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9 February 2014

By Bronwen

Russian President Vladimir Putin is clearly not Russian to enforce gay rights anytime soon…Despite the fact that many celebrities are totally boycotting the Russian Winter Olympics, Putin is still stubborn over his petty anti-gay law.

During the opening parade, many athletes sported rainbow coloured clothing to get the point to Russia that they are oppressing the wrong people! Vladimir told gay athletes that they could come to compete as long as they “stay away from our children”, a sad and unsuccessful attempt at linking homosexuals and paedophilia.

European governments from Holland and Germany have expressed immense disgust at Putin’s closed mind. The Dutch Prime Minister has tried to remind the President of ‘Human Rights’, a list of rules that Putin clearly does not know about.

However, it was ineffective as Vladimir remains stubborn. Channel 4 has really shown that it is the most daring channel around, posting a picture of a rainbow coloured mountain captioned “Born Risky”.

They also broadcasted this fabulous advert for the Winter Olympics.


Good luck in your court case against Russia, Channel 4. We will back you all the way.



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