You can thank Mark Sampson for that.

Following the sacking of Mark Sampson, ex-goalkeeper Rachel Brown-Finnis has said that women’s football has been ‘dragged through the mud’. Sampson was fired after details arose from a previous investigation into ‘inappropriate’ behaviour toward other players previously.

Rachel Brown-Finnis played for Liverpool and Everton up until 2014 when she retired.

He was hired in 2013 by the Football Association and in 2014 was investigated over safeguarding issues but it was found that he did not pose a risk. Sampson’s former team had very recently secured a 6-0 win against Russia last week. Nikita Parris opened the game by scoring first and the players even rushed to hug their manager.

The celebration was criticised but it was said to show how ‘united’ the team was, according to Parris.

Brown-Finnis believes that England’s next manager should be a woman. She even suggested Kelly Smith, the country’s record goalscorer, who retired back in January.

We’ll keep you updated, but it would be good to see a woman coaching the women’s team. Sort of sounds weird for the opposite to happen, doesn’t it?