X Factor Predictions

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9 November 2013

By NEBeep

As contestants drop like flies as we lead up to the final, here are the predictions of one team member as to who deserves a spot in this years X Factor final and who should never have made it this far, regardless of where the attraction might really lie with him.

Who Should be

Sam Bailey – Appearance is a big part of celebrity culture, but sometimes we forget the voice. X factor’s Sam Bailey is a great example of how an extraordinary voice can move the nation. In last weekend’s disco week, the talented mum even showed that she could dance!


Nicholas McDonald – Adorable 16 year old, Scottish wonder Nicholas can sing anything and everything. The tone to his voice is truly remarkable, and who can believe this lively teen has a rare heart condition? However, he definitely reaches the heart of everyone who listens to his voice.


Tamera Foster – Stunning, likable Tamera with such a captivating voice can surely make it to the X factor finals. Even with the shock of being in the bottom two last weekend, Tamera came back fighting with her version of Whitney Houston’s ‘I have nothing’.  This ambitious teen has the full package and is a ready-made star, who can believe she is only 16?


Who Shouldn’t be

Sam Callahan – Although Sam Callahan certainly looks like a star, with his six-pack and handsome face, the nation is surely forgetting that the X Factor is a SINGING competition. He is by far the weakest contestant and is most likely being voted in because of his looks. He completely murders every song that he performs, especially with his latest version of ‘relight my fire’. He certainly sets peoples ears on fire with his flat voice.




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