24 November 2014

By Lauren E. White

Cryptic Posts

So it’s as it’s our 11th #YEAR10PROBLEMS  we’re reverting back to something an eleven-year-old would do.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the three main platforms of social media – they are where the people who haven’t grown up yet and those who are more than likely inexperienced in life, decide to post their annoying, pathetic and downright pointless cryptic messages. I’m fine with seeing people post quotes about life and whatnot, but it’s when people decide to take to their keyboards in either deep anger or sorrow and write things about how they ‘wish things were different’, ‘hate this’ or ‘what did I do to deserve this?’. What I’d like to know is why people genuinely feel the need to do that kind of thing.

What annoys me the most, though, is when people who (for whatever reason) decide they want to know what’s going on comment asking if they are feeling okay. It’s not the question that grinds on me, it’s the answer that’s coming. ‘Nothing’ or ‘inbox me’ are the most pointless, pathetic and tedious answers these people give. If you are brave enough to post it to all of your 60 or 60,000 friends or followers, you should be brave enough to elaborate on your attention-seeking plan.

The question is this: if you are really upset about something, why are you posting it on social media for all to see? The most popular answer is for attention, and that is what gets me. If you have fallen out with a friend, don’t post a cryptic message on Facebook – go and sort it out with them! Surely it’s not rocket science that actions speak louder than the words you write with a keyboard online.

So, please, my advice for any person who wants to post these things on social media is just don’t. Save yourself and everyone else the time and sort out whatever your issue is with whoever it concerns. You are more than your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – you are a human being with a voice and you should go and use it for good, not for what you’re deciding to use it for now.


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