26 January 2015

By Lauren E. White

The Mid-Year Blues

We started our first year of GCSE courses in September last year and – unfortunately – even though it’s only been four months since then, it seems those four months are taking their toll on all of us as we fast approach the mid-year milestone.

Coursework and controlled assessments are eating us all up (and I’m sure they’re bound to spit us back out) and the bags under our eyes are becoming far too difficult to conceal with whatever make-up products we use. At this point in the year, all the excitement and hope we had back in September seems to have been lost along the way, the remains of our stress-free lives long gone. The thought of even more of it all in Year 11 looms over us, though, and that’s the worst part about it all.

The mid-year blues are more than likely going to become an annual thing now so we might as well sit in the corner of our bedrooms and cry, or open up a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. Alternatively, you could adopt my method and nap through it when you come home from school.

Whatever your method is, good luck. I still have some optimism left in me, though, but if you can’t find yours, have a listen to Leona below. I’m sure she might be able to help you…

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