2 March 2015

By Lauren E. White

GCSE Speaking and Listening

Today is the first day of the second week back at school since the half-term and the all-too-real truth of early mornings has hit us all hard. Not to mention the work load and more everlasting homework.

But, last week did bring it’s positives as my class began our mock English Language Speaking and Listening presentations. This may seem like one of the most nerve-wracking things to do as well as one of the worst, but it surprisingly gave me and a few others in my class a new outlook on oral presentations to thirty people.

Every one of us up and down the country do our Speaking and Listening exam and most of us will do mocks of that in Year 10. Presentations in my class ranged from trips to Germany all the way to the three artists who have influenced the way our music is today – this is one of the beautiful things about the whole concept of Speaking and Listening because everyone gets the chance to talk about something that interests them and something they are passionate about.

Another thing that I found a positive from was conquering a fear. While talking may be something I do too much every day, talking in front of a whole class is most definitely not. The thought of doing a presentation made my stomach churn and tears formed in my eyes- it wasn’t something I looked forward to. The same goes for the majority of my class and I presume many of the readers of this article today.

Speaking and Listening allows you to conquer your fear of being alone in front of wide-eyed friends and acquaintances; helping you to become far more comfortable and confident in yourself. It allows you to put trust into yourself too as being up there is as if your naked (metaphorically) as everyone sees all of you: physically and mentally.

Whenever you do your Speaking and Listening or do any kind of oral presentation, just know that as long as you put trust into yourself and immerse yourself in something you’re passionate about, you can’t go wrong. It’s all about how you believe.

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