12 May 2015

By Lauren E. White

The next five years

Friday brought the news that David Cameron had somehow overthrown every other party and won a majority. So now the next five years of British life bring instability, sadness and a tougher time for us all.

For the next five years, us students will seeeducation funding cut drastically and the quality of our education therefore reduced. This is dangerous, not only for us but for our bothers and our sisters too. The cuts that the Tories plan to make to the education budget will mean schools will flounder and ultimately fail. What will we do then? With a country full of failing and under-funded schools, how are the children meant to cope?

As well as this, our university fees will either stay the same at £9,000 or get even higher – putting us in even more debt. The further away from university you are, the more worry you should feel. If you’re like me and will begin university in 2018, you should be worried. That’s just two years before the end of the Conservatives’ second term. We’ll take the brunt of the fees.

And finally, being just a young person in general will be hard enough. The housing crisis won’t get any better under a Tory government, so we’ll be hard pushed to find a home that we can call our own. We will struggle with jobs, especially if you’re in the north east.

At the moment, our future looks very bleak. And what’s worse is that our Prime Minister isn’t going to do much to ensure it is better.

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