AQA Biology

Last Friday afternoon at 1pm saw thousands of double science students up and down the country open the same exam paper. The same pointless exam paper.

AQA are renowned for ruining the lives of students. The exam board apparently loves to mess each and every one of them up, mastering the art of mass destruction.

So, it was no surprise that on Friday afternoon, during the Biology B1 exam, AQA threw in a lot of nasty surprises for us. One thing I noticed in particular was that I’d have been better off buying a maths revision guide than a science one. The amount of calculations they asked us to perform was ridiculous. While I accept that science and maths sometimes work alongside together (perhaps why I’m not very good at it), you’d expect the calculations to be on this Friday’s physics exam. But no. There I was in the exam hall working out percentages.

The penultimate liver question arrived at five minutes to two. I frantically searched the exam hall seeing a number of my fellow comrades clock-watching while I was trying to work out what part of the liver some enzyme comes from. I won’t tell you my answer as it was a completely different part of the body.

Because of this horrendous exam, I am now dreading my Chemistry one. I’m quite sure you are too, though. Good luck… we’ll probably need it!