7 October 2014

By Lauren E. White

With a brand new site looking very professional, slick and, er, new, I thought I ought to tone it down in this week’s #YEAR10PROBLEMS.

If you’re reading this being the youngest sibling or the only one – spare a thought for those not like you. It’s difficult being the oldest.

Last week saw an uproar in the IS crisis and it was obviously documented on the news, in the papers and just about everywhere else you might look. My nine-year-old little sister was in a little bit of a pickle after seeing all of the coverage on terrorism and (for some unknown reason) decided to come to me with her queries.

I had to explain to her what on earth was going on over in Syria while she stared up at me with wide eyes full of fear. It came to me after our conversation that being the eldest sibling was actually really quite difficult; it’s a package of annoyance, love and great responsibility.

On top of all of the other issues you have to deal with outside of the walls of family, you are always going to be the example – the example of aspiration or their worries of becoming like their brother or sister. At the end of the day, you are the first one going into this new world and it’s up to you to set the pace.

So, if you’re not the oldest, keep in mind how it must feel to constantly be the example and the one to be compared against. If you are the oldest, good luck and keep doing what you’re doing (unless it’s negative, of course).

See you next week.



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