29 October 2014

By Lauren E. White

Being Left Out

Half term at last! A week of supposed soothing salvation that is ruined by a mountain of homework thanks to all of our wonderful teachers who, may I remind you, ‘only want the best’ for us. As well as homework, the half term package comes with the included issue of being left out. Hurrah.

It’s bad enough not being invited anywhere on a weekend to the destination that the rest of your friends are swanning off to – never mind when you don’t see a soul for seven days. I often wonder if it’s some kind of pact that whoever you’re friends with should go out together and deliberately not invite you, or is it that you are simply so invisible they completely forget you exist?

This kind of problem is rife across all friendships of all kinds – I know that much. But I am sick and tired of the weekend’s events being discussed over lunch right in front of me, or what everyone’s doing after school tonight minus me and another of my kind.

So is it that I am unwanted and irrelevant, or that I am wearing Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility? Would anyone care to enlighten me? No, I didn’t think they would.

Wherever you are this week, I hope you are bus-hopping with all of your friends and, if not, come and join me in my bedroom behind a computer.

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