David Cameron and his minions (the Cabinet)

Half-term is here at last and while some of us are still heading into school for extra revision, we’re technically off… but that doesn’t mean we can escape the Prime Minister.

This week’s column is all about David Cameron: the man with a plan. What’s his plan? I’m beginning to think that it’s to destroy all public services – education and the NHS in particular.

Last week’s headlines were all about Jeremy Hunt and his ludicrous plans to impose a contract for junior doctors despite the mass-striking and protests he has provoked. However, it’s not just Jeremy Hunt, is it? It’s Cameron too. After all, Mr Cameron put Hunt in charge of our National Health Service – quite clearly so he could dismantle it bit by bit. If you’ve got queries about this: listen up.

Mr Hunt wrote a book about privatising the NHS and was then put in charge of it. If that’s not a conspiracy to end the service that saves lives each and every day, then I don’t know what is.

Then we’ve got Nicky Morgan conspiring with the PM about education and equality… bearing in mind Ms Morgan voted against same sex marriage (which is ultimately just, erm, marriage) as Women and Equalities Minister. Ironic much?

The thing is that both Cameron and Morgan (who is also Education Minister) want every school in the country to be privatised, just like Hunt and the NHS. Sold off to so-called academy ‘Trusts’ that you most definitely cannot trust. Not one iota.

Young people are then being driven away from teaching and healthcare jobs. And rightly so. Why should we go into a profession that appears to be heading in one direction only: down?

So this week’s column may have been a lot of information at once on the government and their plots to ruin public service, but young people have to have their eyes opened to the other side of the story. The side Cameron (or Hameron, if you believe the whole pig story) doesn’t want you to see.

Until next week!