11 April 2016

By Lauren E. White

David Cameron’s demise?

We might’ve had a lovely two weeks away from school and early mornings, but David Cameron certainly hasn’t. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a fortnight, you’ll have heard about the Panama Papers scandal in which our Prime Minister has played a part.

In case you’ve missed what’s been going on, basically Mr Cameron had a share in his father’s offshore fund. The problem with that is that offshore funds are created to avoid tax. The next problem is that Mr Cameron released four statements before admitting to having these shares worth £30,000. And the final problem is hypocrisy: he has called offshore funds  “morally wrong”… Oops.

All of this sparked a protest outside of Downing Street on Saturday calling for him to resign. It has also led to criticism of him in papers like The Daily Mail – a right-wing newspaper that actually benefits from offshore funds. The reason it isn’t supporting the Prime Minister, though, is because the paper wants us to leave the European Union while David Cameron wants us to stay in. All in all, the papers are against him because of the EU, meaning that it will shift a lot of the public’s opinions too.

It could lead to the demise of David Cameron.

While he has not resigned yet, the Panama papers and protests are a sign that he certainly has one foot in the grave. With the press attacking him, it’s not looking so good either. If this country leaves the European Union, there is a strong likelihood that he will have to resign – the Conservative party will probably oust him out immediately.

I hope this week’s column provided some positivity on a Monday – there are (probably) brighter days ahead!

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