One Direction are officially on hiatus

It’s the final week before Christmas. The decorations are up, the excitement is building and school (for this year, at least) is almost over.

But the world’s biggest boy band have officially started their hiatus.

What does it mean? Tears. Lots and lots of tears for 1D fans around the world – and many of those fans are in Year 11, hence why this week’s column just had to be focused on this issue.

If you hear ’18 months’, ‘this is not the end’ or any other saying over the next few months that you’ve not heard before, assume the worst and either walk away or comfort your friend.

The official hiatus is said to last for a year and a half, but for fans of the four piece, it will be a very long period of time. No new music or live performances. The world is bleak.

So, as Christmas approaches, the best present you can give to One Direction fans is a hug, some ice cream and a copy of the new album, Made in the A.M.

See you in the new year.