I have wanted to write a piece on loyalty in this column for some time now and I feel that the topic certainly has a place now that we’re in Year Twelve and things have gotten far more adult (yes, the first week of Sixth Form was a shock to the system!).

My point about loyalty is the lack of it. While we’re only sixteen and we’re all learning, there are still certain things that you just simply don’t do. One of them is betray others – especially those you claim to love and care for. Recently my head has been turned at the number of people in relationships cheating on their boy/girlfriend for no good reason. For the hell of it, even. It truly baffles me.

It can be said that you start as you mean to go on in relationships and I hope that is not true for those who fit into the previous category. Loyalty is a great trait to possess and one that many people seek. It is, unfortunately, a trait that is exploited too; something that I have seen in far too many friendships, including some of my own.

The real message is that if you know someone who has always stood by your side, don’t take them for granted. Appreciate them and return the gesture. Loyalty is, in some respects, very similar to compassion – and where would we be without the latter? Once you’ve lost a loyal person you can never get them back.

See you next week.