Why we all hate May

No, I’m not talking about Theresa. Although, it may (see what I did there?) be something I discuss in the future…

I’m actually talking about the month of May. We all hate it. It’s a month of strife and struggle and emotional breakdowns. May means exams and exams mean sadness, fear and stress.

If you didn’t already know, we have now entered the month of May. It’s the beginning of the month we genuinely have a true fear of because of the education system (I knew I’d get that in here somewhere). I’m not joking either – May actually terrifies the life out of me because although I have prepared and am in the process of preparing, this month signals the end of preparation and the beginning of getting it done. As someone who has to excessively prepare, this is not good.

Coping in this month is something we’re all going to have to do together – including right here in this column. I’ll still be giving you my unrequested thoughts on exams and education and all that is in between – don’t worry about that. We’re going to get through this gruelling month together as students united, meaning that it’s important to speak to your friends about how they’re feeling and if they’re coping. Reach out to them and ensure you talk about feelings at this incredibly testing time of the year.

Good luck with all that comes with this month. At least it’s one May of exams closer to a May free of repressive responsibilities.