Yes. He Actually Said This

Ask yourself. A racist white guy shoots someone in the street in front of you. You are a supporter of said racist white guy.

Does that absolve him of murder?

Well, according to Trump, yes it does.

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?” Trump told an enthusiastic audience at Dordt College, in north-west Iowa, yesterday.

“It’s like incredible,” he added.

No, Mr. Trump. It’s called a God-complex. You have amassed millions of like-minded impressionable Americans(which is to say ignorant, bigoted, gun-mad idiots).

You have played on the vast fears of the vast majority and exploited that for votes and popularity. Even though we are in the UK, it is still crucial to know about this, and to be part of the important movement which says ‘Don’t. Vote. Trump’.

If you’re an American reading this, and you’re unsure: don’t vote Trump.

Everything that the US has worked toward in the past few years – in terms of rights and civil movements – everything would be undone.

He has been bullying, calling other candidates losers and sad sacks. He has been bashing an entire religion, wanting to ban Muslims – an entire people – from a country because of the minority who seek to knock the legs out from beneath society.

He has also been annoying a certain eagle and retreating like a petrified piece of prey.

giphy (8)

His candidacy is shocking.

If he were to shoot someone, we should all (supporter or not) condemn his actions, as we would any other human.