You Know What Sucks?


You know what doesn’t suck?

Standing up to bullying in a way only a t-shirt can. With slogans.

Our Design Journey, an online store for inspirational clothing, have released a selection of t-shirts designed by kids, for kids. The slogans combat the idea that bullying fixes people, as the project’s tag line is ‘you can’t fix yourself by breaking others.’

We managed to get a quote from the creators, asking how the younglings designed the shirts.

“The tees evolved as an outlet for our children’s creativeness and their frustration/anxieties… designing with us they found a way to empower other children and themselves in the face of bullies.”

You can check the t-shirts out below.

The fact that kids have made these shirts is kind of neat. Bullying affects those in schools more than any other age group, simply due to the amount of conflicting personalities and people. But it should never be tolerated. No matter what.

Bullying isn’t good. It isn’t fun.

Stand up to it.

Only now you can do it stylishly.




Their site offers some other really cool designs too, from angel wings to being fearless; they’ve got you covered.

Seriously though, could someone buy me that angel wings t-shirt?