Valentine’s Burger Anyone?


I am astounded and perplexed. But at the same time intrigued by a McDonald’s Valentine’s Day. Sort of.

If you happen to be one of the many people who use Valentine’s Day for seeing your partner and spending romantic time with them maybe avoid this next bit. McDonald’s is offering, around this lovey-dovey season, a three-course meal, right here on our doorstep. In the Newcastle Metrocentre, this Valentine’s you can grab a full meal for £20.


It won’t be a particularly fancy affair what with all the screaming children and generally eye-wateringly bad décor, but at least you know what the food already tastes like.

Like cardboard.

They are offering the ‘experience’ from 7-9pm but you must email to book a reserve slot.

Gregg’s is also open on Valentine’s, so once you’ve scoffed some awful food you can go get some awful pastries.

And we wonder why we’re never sponsored.

Still, there are worse places to get a burger.