Book vs Film: The Hunger Games

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8 May 2023

By Ida

Would you prefer to read and envision the story of the Hunger Games in your mind or would you prefer to lie back and watch a multitude of talented actors tell you the story? Either way, both ways are successful in conveying a brilliant storyline.

Whether you have already read the fun series, have never heard of it or are wondering whether you should read the book or watch the film first, there is no debating that The Hunger Games is an amazing book and film series.

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Suzanne Collins, the author of The Hunger Games,  began her writing career in 1991 writing for children’s television. The Hunger Games was published in September 2008 and is still an international bestseller today.

More recently, Lionsgate and Colorforce produced the worldwide hit film in 2012 that features the epic story of how District 12’s underdogs, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark (played by Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson) rise to fame as they find themselves in a twisted game of life and death.

Keen fans would tell you that although the original book was thrilling, it was nothing compared to the film due to the extraordinary sheer talent of the actors and video editing which really makes it incredible.

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However, it is impossible to argue that it isn’t comforting to read a book first before watching the film as the amazing visuals can take away from the brilliant experience of meeting the characters for the first time and allowing the description to create the perfect image in your head of how you imagine the characters to appear and having already read the film, it can reduce the thrill of reading the book.

Overall, how you read or watch The Hunger Games is really down to your personal preference. No matter what, you can guarantee that it will be extremely enjoyable.

By Ida and Ellen

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