The Dogs, Rats and Cats of Insta

8th January 2021

I love animals -probably an understatement. I have six beautiful cats and a Staffordshire Terrier mix called Buster, so it is quite the mad-house at times. I love Instagram. So you should know what’s about to go down. This article is dedicated to the animals of Instagram I have grown to love over the years. […]

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Class Act! Podcast

9th December 2020

For years now you may have been reading the writing of myself and Bronwen Lowery on Beep quite happily, without disruption. I have written about the perhaps more boring, serious stuff, like the experience of northern students at Durham, while Bronwen has lightened the mood and brought the laughs. Most notably, she wrote a viral […]

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Logging out of online learning

6th November 2020

Getting my A level results this year was disappointing. In the time of COVID 19, it just felt so insignificant in the context of the world around me. The grades in themselves were OK, and I am very lucky that they were. They got me into Durham University who had also set a low offer […]

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The Best Podcasts

6th October 2020

Podcasts have become one of the most popular things to consume in modern popular culture. Essentially, it’s a little radio show in your ears on the go, or in your bed, and you can consume as many as you want whenever you want and however much you want. So, what are the best podcasts we’ve […]

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pencil and paper

Step into our World

16th September 2020

Looking to add something to your UCAS form? Wanting to impress your future uni? Why not volunteer to write content for our website? Not only will it give you some work experience, but it may also land you a paid position within our organisation, creating and promoting content. Here are just some of the things […]

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Why the Name Matters

13th February 2020

When naming anything, whether it’s a book, an invention, or a nickname for a friend, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Recognition If a name is widely used, whether you like it or not, it’s here to stay. For example, if you decided to start calling toast “grilled bread”, people would […]

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The benefits of bilingualism

17th December 2019

It’s common knowledge that learning a second language can do wonders for your career, but bilingualism is worth much more than a bullet point on a CV. Learning a foreign language often helps you to understand your own. By studying the complexities of a foreign language you learn to identify key features in your own […]

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How is technology altering the way we see the world?

24th November 2019

Augmented reality is a rapidly growing technology capable of changing the world around us. While it’s sister tech, VR, transports the user to entirely different worlds, AR focuses on modifying your world. It is defined as “a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite […]

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How to Spot a Psychopath

3rd October 2019

We’ve all had times in our lives when we have genuinely wondered what is wrong with someone. They don’t seem to be connected to the real world at all, and they seem somehow not human. Well, it is possible that they could indeed be a psychopath. Now, I’m no expert in psychopath-spotting. However, I have […]

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50 Forgotten Places to Look When You Lose Something

4th September 2019

Most of the time, when you lose something it’s normally found in an obvious place after about five minutes of looking. However, every now and then, we all lose something and it is absolutely nowhere to be found. When we do find it, it’s almost like a ghost has moved it somewhere completely random – […]

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Review: Marron Theatre Arts

31st August 2019

Have you ever thought about dancing or theatre as a hobby? I have been dancing at Marron Theatre Arts for eight years and I love it. With the training here, you get the skills you need to become a great dancer if you’re willing to put the work in. You also learn skills even if […]

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Exams are over, how to prepare for results

Combatting Exam Stress

20th June 2019

Exam results. They wreak havoc among the world in students everywhere. After revising, remembering to sleep, and then taking your exams, there is a lot of pressure to get a good mark-particularly if you are taking key exams in your life like your GCSEs or A-levels. These supposedly life-defining results could affect your job, your […]

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Snow, Snow, Snow: A British Story

31st January 2019

Much of the United Kingdom has been beset by snow this week with weather warnings issued across much of the country. Areas of higher ground can expect “very significant” snow of up to 10cm whilst schools, airports and railway stations have all seen disruption. So that’s the current situation, but what about the bigger picture? Were […]

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A week in mild amusement

16th January 2019

Collider Scope Cern is planning to build an even bigger version of the Large Hadron Collider. I remember when the last one was turned on and many feared it would produce a black hole that would destroy the world. I imagine it’ll be identical when they turn the new one on with the exception of […]

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Cartoon of a man sat pushing over dominoes in a circle that leads back to fall on him.

Karma Ain’t No B*tch

15th January 2019

The concept of karma originates from India and the Far East, mainly in Buddhism and Hinduism; it suggests that our current actions have an impact on the future. We’ve all heard the Culture Club classic ‘Karma Chameleon’, but what does it all mean? Is it really a bitch? Everyone, remain karma Fundamentalists of karma believe that our […]

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Why we need the Grinch more than Jesus

18th December 2018

Mediocre recent adaptations aside, I really like the story of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It’s a fable of the dangers of self-isolation, superiority complexes and shunning joy. The Grinch is a symbol equalling Ebenezer Scrooge in cultural ubiquity during December. And he’s better than Scrooge. Because he’s green and looks better on an ironic Christmas […]

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Rubicon Moment: Who was Jesus of Nazareth? (Part I)

30th November 2018

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is almost upon us. Christmas is my favourite time of year, it’s the time to reconnect with loved ones, eat Cadbury’s out of business and spend the cold winter nights sat in front of the fire watching the TV until you fall asleep. Of course, we all know […]

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Stan Lee

Stan Lee: The Real Marvel

14th November 2018

Stan Lee was born Stanley Martin Lieber, on 28th December 1922 in the Big Apple. New York City. Home to a number of now well-known heroes like; Spider-Man, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four, and was the birthplace of Captain America (in Brooklyn). It serves as a hub for many of his stories. With different heroes crossing […]

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Rubicon Moment: What caused World War I?

11th November 2018

11th November 2018 marks the centenary of the end of World War I, the war that changed the face of the world and scarred an entire generation. Its significance cannot be underestimated, its fallout massive. Mechanisation, airpower, chemical weapons and ideology all led to a devastating conflict that spanned the globe, from the banks of […]

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4 budget halloween costumes

31st October 2018

It’s the designated spookiest time of the year. And Halloween parties are near unavoidable. No one wants to be that person who constantly receives grief for their lack of costume. Not to worry though, your old uncle Kieran is here to help with a few costume ideas that won’t break the teeteringly fragile bank. Shaun […]

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How to Become a Morning Person

26th October 2018

For those of us who aren’t natural morning people, getting out of bed on a morning can feel like a form of torture. Now that we’re headed into winter and the mornings are becoming cold and dark, the wake-up ritual can seem even more hellish than normal. Luckily though, there are some simple things you […]

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‘Peeping Tom’ – Just What Does it Mean?

17th October 2018

You may or may not be familiar with Lady Godiva. She’s hardly contemporary, apart from being referenced in a Queen song. Godiva, Countess of Mercia – to give her full title – was an English noblewoman in the 11th century whose husband ruled over the much-revered kingdom of, er… Coventry. Lady Godiva was, however, a […]

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A week in mild amusement

16th October 2018

Let’s get down from business X-Factor contestants who were filmed excitedly enjoying business class were sent back to economy once filming stopped. I don’t see why people are annoyed by this. The short taste of opulence followed by a hard push back to poverty is great practice for the eventual winner. The only way they […]

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Durham Cathedral

Historical Northeast: Durham Cathedral

25th September 2018

The Cathedral Church of Christ, Blessed Mary the Virgin and St Cuthbert of Durham (Or for those in a rush, Durham Cathedral) is one of the UK’s most recognisable cathedrals. Dominating the Durham skyline, the cathedral provides the people of Durham not only a spiritual boost but an economic one too, bringing over 755,000 visitors […]

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Beach Evacuated Because of Horny Dolphin

6th September 2018

When we hear that a beach has been closed because of a threat in the waters, we tend to think of something like this: Well the Bay of Brest in Landévennec, Brittany has been terrorised by a slightly more comedic creature than the Jaws great white: a sexually frustrated dolphin. Zafar, a 10 ft bottlenose, has […]

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Bronjour: Packing

4th September 2018

I only have a few days left in the UK before I head off to Montpellier and I’ve only just decided to think about packing. Honestly, it’s been a bit of a nightmare. Once again, I’ve scoured the internet to try and find extensive lists of things to pack (I’ll copy my own Year Abroad […]

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Why Do Phantom Smells Occur?

25th August 2018

Ever complain of a bad smell only to find out that you’re the only person who can detect it? This is a strange phenomenon called a phantom odour and research is being done to try and understand it. In a study published by JAMA Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, researchers from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication […]

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Edinburgh Fringe 2018

20th August 2018

So I spent last weekend in the Scottish capital for my first ever experience at the world’s largest arts festival, the Edinburgh Fringe. And I thought I’d briefly share my experience with the class with a few tips, reviews and not so subtle plugs. If you like unstructured ramblings then, boy, have I got the […]

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Why is Blue Light So Damaging?

19th August 2018

We’ve long been told that staring at screens for extended periods is damaging to our eyes but now scientists finally know why. We already know that digital devices and direct sunlight emit a type of light called blue light. We knew that this light was harmful but until now, we didn’t know exactly how or […]

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The Top 10 Healthiest Cities in the World

14th August 2018

Your health and fitness can be determined by a surprising number of factors including your age, financial status and even the city you live in. A survey conducted by Spotahome showed which cities are home to the healthiest people in the world. Health was measured using ten factors including work-life balance, amount of fast food […]

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7 Ways to Know Your House Is Haunted

12th August 2018

Whenever you watch Most Haunted or some other ghost hunter TV show, the spirits and ghosts are always found in creepy places by people whose sanity is a bit questionable. These shows usually feature some middle-aged American lady with a perm and possessed looking eyes telling us all about how they have a ghost named […]

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The Madness of Buying New Cars

9th August 2018

The Madness of Buying New Cars Car Depreciation. If you’re in the market for a new (or even a first) motor then those are two words you need to get in your head. Sometimes we lack the foresight to consider the effects of vehicle depreciation. Either we expect to keep the car longer than we […]

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Marijuana Makes You Lack Foresight

8th August 2018

There’s a reason why the stereotypical movie stoner looks a bit like this: When people think of the average stoner, they think of lazy teenagers who bunk off college or work to sit around with their make-shift bongs all day. To many cannabis users, this a really common misconception but latest research has shown that […]

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Airport Lounge Passes – Are They Worth it?

5th August 2018

Airport Lounge Passes – Are They Worth it? Passing through a busy airport is not an enjoyable experience by anyone’s standards. They’re congested, confusing and unwelcoming, and the worst of it is that they’re vicious money-making machines. In busier airports, you are more likely to be held in the airport due to delays or feel […]

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Historical Northeast: Bridge over the River Tyne

2nd August 2018

At 30 million years old, the Tyne is the second oldest river in the UK; beaten only by the Thames. For almost 2000 years, humans have been building bridges that span the width of the river. The Tyne Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks of the Northeast. At a height of 194ft, it […]

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87% of the World’s Ocean Damaged by Man

1st August 2018

The fact that humans are destroying the Earth is old news. For decades we’ve pumped out toxic gases into the atmosphere, demolished mile after mile of habitat and filled the ocean full of rubbish. However what is new information is the scale to which man is destroying the world’s ocean. Research lead by Kendall R […]

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Stand-Out CVs

30th July 2018

Finding and securing a job is one of the most frustrating experiences. Ultimately and despite what people with rich parents say, it all boils down to luck unless you have tons of connections. If you’re not in the right place at the right time, you may miss opportunities or not have the right interactions. For […]

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20th July 2018

If you’ve been relaxing outdoors in this hot weather you may want to start taking a fly swatter with you. More and more people in the UK are being treated in hospital because of bites. While most insect bites seem trivial and nothing much more sinister than just being itchy and annoying, bites from some […]

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B**P REWIND: The Problem With Spell Checkers

19th July 2018

Picture the scene:  Armed with your ‘special occasion’ stationery and favourite writing paper, you’re approaching the end of another arduous English essay, embellishing it with your finest joined up writing – that you spent 6 years learning in primary school – and festooning it with the type of adjectives one could only dream of, when […]

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Conceiving in Winter reduces obseity

18th July 2018

Everything a mother does during and before pregnancy typically has a huge effect on a baby’s future. However, factors surrounding the father in the moments before conception have been shown to have an impact on the likelihood of their offspring becoming obese. In a study published by Nature Medicine, the research found that men who […]

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Why You Need to Wrap Your Car Keys in Tinfoil

17th July 2018

Car technology is getting more and more intelligent by the day and unfortunately, so are criminals. A new form of car theft/robbery has come about meaning criminals can open your car door without even using touching it. This is known as a relay attack and it involves thieves hacking wireless car keys. Put in simple […]

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Heatwaves Make Us Dumb

16th July 2018

It’s pretty much impossible to function like a normal human being during a heatwave. Currently, the weather in the UK is abnormally hot and unmanageable for a nation that is used to constant cold to mild conditions. Not only does this extreme heat make us feel sweaty and bothered, according to science it may be […]

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A ginger’s guide to the sunny weather

28th June 2018

I’m not saying I wish the sun would get lost. But as one of those blessed with ginger locks, I sort of wish the sun would get lost. It’s not a stereotype that at least a large portion of we who are kissed by fire, don’t tan. We make an almost instantaneous transition from two […]

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Catfish Resumes

27th June 2018

After allegations of sexual misconduct against were deemed not credible, Nev Schulman has been able to resume production of his hit MTV show Catfish. Filming of the series had been put on hold while the network investigated the allegations. Ayissha Morgan, a guest on season 4 of the show, made a YouTube video claiming that […]

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Curing the Midweek Blues

20th June 2018

No one likes vegetables or salad as a child. Sprouts are nasty bitter balls of green. Cabbage tastes like water and tomatoes are so nasty you walk around with them in your mouth, so you can spit them in the bin. Seriously. I did that as a child. This week’s edition takes us to Canada, […]

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Mind-related words in a complex pattern of synapses

Coping with Anxiety: The Thought Process

20th June 2018

Anxiety is something everyone feels occasionally, although for those struggling to cope it can be extremely debilitating. Whether we blame society, technology or lifestyle choices, the sheer complexity of the human brain means we’re very much in-the-dark about how the mind works. The Power of Thoughts They say knowledge is power, and this is no […]

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Why Do We Hate the Sound of Our Own Voice?

14th June 2018

Only complete narcissists can stand the sound of their own voice on recordings. Most people absolutely cringe when they watch videos of themselves talking and there’s a reason why. Hating your own voice is a curious phenomenon really, especially when you consider that you’ve heard yourself talk more than anyone else. So why is it […]

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The Newcastle comedy scene

11th June 2018

With Consett-born comic Lee Ridley (Lost Voice Guy) the freshest face on the mainstream comedy circuit, Newcastle comedy is in the spotlight. But Lee has been known widely amongst comedy-going audiences in Newcastle for years. So we’re here to answer the question of where you go in the city to see the newest and best […]

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Solitude is not loneliness

6th June 2018

Look, I’m not the type for a hugely introspective dive into my own psyche. I sort of just wander around the world hoping that I won’t be hit by a bus by the time I go to bed. Something I do wish to clarify though, on behalf of others who may be like me, is […]

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Stand up for yourself: Audience interaction.

24th May 2018

Despite how smugly pleased I am with the title I came up with for this column, I rarely do it. Because, as still a new stand-up, I don’t really feel it’s my place to give advice on something I’m still figuring out. That said, every time I have a bit of a breakthrough, I can’t […]

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