mental health

Signs your Mental Health Might be Worsening

10th October 2020

Here at b**p we have always cared about mental health. One thing we’ve never touched upon, though, is how to tell if your mental health is worsening. Many of those who suffer from depression and anxiety are able to identify certain ‘triggers’ or ‘signs’ that their mental health might be worsening, and they can consequently […]

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The Best Songs for Sleep

9th October 2020

For many people, getting to sleep is a hugely difficult thing. For some, it just comes to them naturally every night. Yet, for whatever reason, so many people choose to have a sleep playlist. If you’re looking for the best additions to yours, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our favourite tried-and-tested songs for […]

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Eat Out To Help Out – Now Don’t Go Out

17th September 2020

It seems awfully strange, doesn’t it, that just last month we were vigorously encouraged to go out, spend money at restaurants and do, as The Sun (and thus the Tories) put it, our ‘civic duty’? Even stranger when, now, a matter of weeks later, I can’t go inside of my grandmother’s house because the North […]

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Amnesia image

A Basic Overview of Amnesia

10th August 2020

Amnesia is a condition that almost everyone has heard of. Commonly used as a trope in many forms of media, the condition has been poorly portrayed. It is a form of memory loss, and there are four distinct types: retrograde, anterograde, transient global, and infantile. Retrograde amnesia: The most well-known form. It involves the loss […]

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Girl washing face

A Basic Overview of Teenage Acne

29th July 2020

Teenage acne is something nearly all of us have to deal with. Over 95% of people develop acne at some point in their lives, usually, but not exclusively, during puberty. The condition is most common between the ages of 14 -19. It is caused by certain hormones over stimulating the oil-producing glands in your skin.  […]

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A Basic Overview of Teenage Sleep

22nd July 2020

If you’re anything like me, then you will often find yourself going to sleep far later than midnight, and waking up in the late morning or early afternoon of the next day.  This isn’t exactly healthy for your body but isn’t too hard to fix within a few weeks.  During the teenage years, the body […]

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The Benefits of Sports

11th March 2020

Have you ever experienced the wonders sport can do? New skills, new friends, new experiences, why not give it a go? 40% of teens in the UK ages 13-17 are active in sport and evidence shows these teens are more successful in life’s challenges. Why not create a positive life for yourself and enrol in […]

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Vaccinations – Do anti-vaxers have a point?

21st February 2020

A growing trend in recent years has been an increased doubt of vaccines. This doubt has given rise to a group of people calling themselves “Anti-Vaxers”. They claim that vaccinations are bad for us, however, they use incredibly flimsy and easily debuncable arguments. So today, I am going to debunk some of them. “Vaccines cause […]

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Five tips to fight your hay fever

25th July 2019

It is estimated that hay fever affects 10 million people in England. As a hay fever sufferer, I know that there is nothing worse than seeing everyone else enjoy the glorious sunshine while your nose runs and your eyes itch. To help the 10 million that spend their summer sniffing and rubbing their eyes to […]

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Alcohol abuse among young people is a thing

2nd July 2019

It’s an assumption made by many that it’s normal for young people to binge drink and get hammered on most – if not every – night out they go on. When they head off to university, binge drinking is common, and it’s basically encouraged no matter where you study. However, there is a problem with […]

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The Anti-Vax Movement goes too far

27th June 2019

Did you know that around 100,000 children worldwide didn’t get vaccinated last year? No? Not a lot of people really know what the Anti-Vax movement is or what it’s really about, as it’s not really found in the UK; it started in the UK but moved to the USA and here’s why. It all started […]

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Man stands facing mirror and looks in reflection to back facing him

Mental Health Awareness Week

16th May 2019

For those of you who didn’t know, it is currently Mental Health Awareness Week. Running from 13th-19th of May, it’s a chance for us to really consider where we’re at regarding the issue both individually and as a global community. Mental health needs to be addressed like any other health concern, and as long as […]

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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern embraces muslim woman surrounded by crowd

A Better World: Embracing Differences

11th April 2019

Our world is obsessed with ‘other’ and ‘differences’, to the point that many make it their sole obligation to rid society of people who seemingly don’t belong. Recent differences in opinion over subjects like Brexit have caused division, ultimately leading to nowhere. This, alongside conflicts over religious beliefs and sexuality, serves to do two things: cause […]

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A small, toy figure placed on a map

A Better World

21st March 2019

Finding a subject for your first weekly column is tough. After all, what follows is a struggle of sustaining a subject week in week out while maintaining a unique perspective. Heck, I’m already reiterating something Laura said in her first editorial. So, it would, therefore, make no sense at all to write about something so […]

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Does Mixing Drinks Make Hangovers Worse?

12th February 2019

There are loads of tips and tricks that people use on a night out to avoid feeling hungover the next day. Having a big meal before heading out, not wearing clothes that are too tight and drinking raw eggs the next morning are just some things people do to beat the hangover. [It’s funny how […]

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Overview of albinism

Albinism – A Basic overview

20th January 2019

Albinism is a rare genetic disorder, often characterised by causing a lack, or total absence, of pigment in the eyes, skin and/or hair, affecting all races. This often results in discrimination, alienation and sometimes persecution, and has for many hundreds of years. The disorder also drastically increases the risk of sunburns and skin cancer, as […]

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Christmas hat left behind on road

Mental Health at Christmas

17th December 2018

The festive period is, if not the ‘most wonderful’ time, a slightly more joyous one than the rest of the year. With gatherings of family and friends, work parties and days off to celebrate the holidays, most people look like they are in a good headspace. However, the pressure to be ‘in the festive spirit’, as well as […]

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Child sits in Christmas present box while crying with speech bubble containing ban lynx sign

No More Lynx Sets

11th December 2018

There must be at least one person out there who agrees. It’s Christmas day. You delve halfway into a pile of presents – significantly smaller in size than last year – and you find yourself opening…please, no! It’s a Lynx set, again! To make matters worse, it’s either the abhorrent ‘Dark Temptation’ or every pubescent schoolboy’s […]

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The Rise of the Superbugs

4th December 2018

An epidemic of antibiotic resistance is sweeping across the globe and taking thousands of lives yet somehow very few people have even heard of the threat So, what actually is Antibiotic resistance? The World Health Organization says that: “Antibiotics are medicines used to prevent and treat bacterial infections. Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria change in […]

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