Two of our writers next to Mica McNeill, Women's British Bobsleigh athlete

Interview: Team GB’s Mica McNeill

26th April 2018

2018’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang was pretty awe-inspiring. From masked figures descending precarious slopes to teams pushing a carriage down an icy runway, to then climb in and rush down at break-neck speed, it’s difficult to humanise the athletes involved. However, in the familiarity of our old school (High Spen Primary), which still retains the […]

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Top 10 Ali G Interviews

11th October 2017

Interviewing celebrities, sports stars and political figures is a serious and important job for any journalist- all except Ali G, whose aim is always to try and wind people up. Played by actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, Ali G is the original troll and a typical wannabe gangster from the streets who really should […]

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We Asked @Gemmareacts About That Tattoo…

5th October 2017

TOWIE star Gemma Collins is quickly becoming the most meme-able person on the internet. Thousands of us are in love with everything about her: from the way she says “girls” to the fact that she’s the worst vegetarian ever. boys by charli xcx but instead it's gemma collins saying girls — Scroopy Noopers (@chrstycx) […]

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Interview with Historian Natasha George

27th July 2016

As a young person who is passionate about history, I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to speak to Natasha George, a historian who excelled at university, where her degree focused on Medieval and Renaissance Medicine, and later mental health and medicine, alongside theories of mental illness. Her dissertation focused on ‘the comparison of […]

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Charlotte Potter Interview

24th May 2016

Here at b**p, we managed to interview 15-year-old Charlotte Potter, a hopeful classical singer. She gave us some insight into classical singing, where her love for the stage came from and how she’s developed her vocal talent, all while staying on top of her GCSEs. Can you introduce yourself to our readers? I’m Charlotte, I’m […]

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David Cameron’s mum loses job after Tory cuts

11th March 2016

Many thousands of people across the country can calls themselves victims of Tory cuts and today, David Cameron’s mother can add her name to the list. Mary Cameron has appealed to the Daily Mirror for help to campaign against the closure of the children’s centre where she works. However, Mrs Cameron’s place of work will be […]

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B**PCHAT: Opia

2nd March 2016

Oisin, one of our writers here at B**p, managed to catch up with Jacob and Cole, two majors in science and maths from the States, who also form the band Opia. They’re making (sound) waves across SoundCloud with their  track, Falling. They describe their music as electronic jazz, and the song is a groovy, modernised way […]

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Interview: Mike Dignam

29th January 2016

When Scouting for Girls landed in Newcastle back in December, and performed live at the O2 Academy, B**P sat down for a chat with Mike Dignam, an upcoming singer-songwriter who was supporting them on their tour. Mike has now been writing and performing for five years, and over that time he has performed with a whole host […]

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Sunderland’s Top Striker

27th November 2014

Beth Mead is a footballer for Sunderland AFC ladies team. The star striker was born in Whitby and is 18 years old. She started playing football at the age of six for a football team in Middlesbrough called California girls. At the age of 10 Beth progressed on to play for Middlesbrough Centre of Excellence […]

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Interview: Harry Seaton

22nd November 2014

As a young singer-songwriter, it can often be a difficult journey trying to become known, but Harry Seaton is certainly proving that it can be done. With almost 15,000 likes on Facebook, and a single that’s just been released, it is clear that he is doing everything right. After recently leaving education to pursue his […]

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Interview Etiquette

30th September 2014

If you’re anticipating an upcoming interview, you have now got nothing to worry about. With these few hints and tips you will soon feel confident in yourself and be able to nail the interview. 1.    Dress to impress 2.    Prepare in advance 3.    Have positive body language 4.    Be yourself 5.    Focus on the interview […]

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Callum Oakley Interview

24th September 2014

Callum Oakley is a young comedian who had his first glance of fame during Britain’s Got Talent in 2012, progressing to the semi finals. He can undoubtedly have crowds in stitches, performing all over the country and showcasing his incredible talent. In this interview, Callum talks about having a passion to make people laugh from […]

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Quiz Time- How Introverted Are You?

3rd July 2014

Let’s set the scene. You’re invited to a party and you don’t know anything about it, e.g. where it is, who is going? What do you do? a- Who cares! I love a mission b- I’ll just message the host and ask them for more information c- I’ll ask my friends if they know anything, […]

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Quiz Time- Are You a Pushover?

23rd June 2014

The average person will encounter hundreds of situations where they feel like they’ve been taken advantage of. Some lucky people know exactly how to deal with these situations in a way that benefits everyone involved, but some others find themselves lost at what to do in the event of something happening that they’re not happy […]

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Interview: Rachel Ries

9th June 2014

Rachel Ries, an Americana singer from South Dakota, talks to our interviewer about Twitter scandals, home made jam and the elusive question of genre. What have you been doing since your gig in Durham (on the 22nd of May)? A BBC radio thing came together so I ran down the next day to do for […]

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Cathy Cassidy Interview

13th May 2014

Cathy Cassidy visited Charles Thorp Comprehensive School in February, to the delight of her fans. She gave a talk about her experiences with writing, inspiring all of the young minds in the audience, before personally meeting each and every one of them. Pupils from primary schools all over the area were also greeted by the […]

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Interview: In Hindsight

1st May 2014

In Hindsight are an upcoming band from Nottingham who concluded their tour across the country, playing at Newcastle’s O2 Academy on December 19th. The four piece band, consisting of Michael, Jacob, Isaac and Dan, have been determined to make themselves heard, performing at schools across the area and pleasing fans. When they visited Newcastle, which […]

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Oars Up

30th April 2014

With sport fever in the air at the moment, we here at b**p decided to talk to a Gateshead teenager, Abbi Cockbain, who is one of the best rowers in the country. Read this exclusive interview to find out more about her training, other interests and inspirations. You may even be tempted to pick up […]

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Interview with John Adams

19th February 2014

John Adams is a 25 year old singer-songwriter from Cardiff, who first caught the public’s attention in 2011, when he entered the popular TV show The X Factor. Before his 10 seconds of fame, John was an English teacher, who was determined to show the world his talent. Since then, he has supported the likes […]

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Career Choice: English Teacher

14th February 2014

We’ve spoken to Graphic Designers, Copywriters, Paramedics and more – but now, we take our quest to discover more about the career world even further! We were very eager to rack the brains of an English teacher working in a state comprehensive school so we could find out exactly how you get into the teaching […]

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Career Choice: Graphic Designer

23rd December 2013

Design is everywhere, from the clothes we wear, the houses we live in to the logos we see emblazoned across our favourite products; there is just no ignoring it. We caught up with the head designer at local design company Sleeky, who worked hard to come up with the logo for b**p, to get his […]

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Career Choice: Copywriter

1st December 2013

Whenever you look at the TV listings, see a billboard advertising your favourite car or read a brochure for your next holiday, the words you are reading are the responsibility of a copywriter. Usually found in PR Agencies and advertising agencies, the work a copywriter does is varied and it is their responsibility to bring […]

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Interview with Gabriella Cilmi

22nd November 2013

Famed for her catchy hit from 2008 ‘Sweet About Me, the b**p team caught up with Australian singer-songwriter  Gabriella Cilmi as she embarks on the promo run for her third album, The Sting, which was released earlier this month. She shares who her inspirations are, just what encouraged The Sting and also how fame from […]

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