The Dogs, Rats and Cats of Insta

8th January 2021

I love animals -probably an understatement. I have six beautiful cats and a Staffordshire Terrier mix called Buster, so it is quite the mad-house at times. I love Instagram. So you should know what’s about to go down. This article is dedicated to the animals of Instagram I have grown to love over the years. […]

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Google Logo

The demise of the Tech Titans?

29th December 2020

Google. Over 56% of the world’s population use the search engine alone on a monthly basis. The company undoubtedly plays a key role in twenty-first-century life. We access the online world through Youtube, Gmail, the Google Play Store. People see targeted ads based on data gathered by Google. The population use Google fonts, Google docs, […]

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Our Top Stories of 2020

28th December 2020

Beep has been here all through this year in one form or another. We’ve even re-launched a YouTube channel. But, of course, our love of the written word prevails and we have collated our top stories of 2020. Believe it or not, they aren’t all about C*VID-19. So, without further ado, here are Beep’s top […]

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An Ode to 2020

27th December 2020

When we sat around television last year on New Year’s Eve watching the fireworks boom in London at 12am on 1st January 2020, there was a sense of hope. I remember hoping that this would be a good year – that things would be a little bit brighter for everyone than they had been before. […]

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The Crucial Next Stage of COVID

22nd December 2020

Boris Johnson and his government have come under serious fire over the course of the pandemic because of their response (or sometimes lack of) to the severity of rising cases of COVID-19. Now that a new variant of the virus has been discovered, and its transmission rate is faster than the original variant, there is […]

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what i learned this year

What I Learned This Year

15th December 2020

Disclaimer: I am not here to talk about the pandemic. Even though everyone wants to talk about it, we don’t need to. Instead, I’m here to share with you a nugget of wisdom that I learned this year. It is this: you know yourself better than anyone else – and don’t be convinced otherwise. As […]

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deal or no deal

Brexit: Deal or No Deal?

10th December 2020

Last night Prime Minister Boris Johnson travelled to Brussels to meet Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Union. It has been viewed as a last-ditch attempt to secure some kind of deal between Britain and the EU as negotiations reach yet another sticky point. The sticky point in question is actually a […]

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6 to follow on Insta Part 2

7th December 2020

Due to the increasing influence of social media platforms, there is now a rich and varied range of content online. Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide, with over 1 billion monthly active users sharing photos and videos with vast audiences. Unlike other sites such as Facebook, Instagram uses an entirely visual […]

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6 People to Follow on Twitter

2nd December 2020

Twitter is a place for the people who don’t really fit the Insta gang or the Facebook mothers, so they pile in on the blue bird and share 280 characters of thoughts on literally anything. It’s a place for fangirls, it’s a place for politicos and it’s a place for diaries. And memes. So who […]

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Six to follow on instagram

6 to follow on Instagram Part 1

1st December 2020

I love Instagram. It’s one of the things I didn’t realise I loved until tasked with writing an article regarding accounts that I love.  Narrowing my ‘loves’ down to a list of six was difficult, but here we are! Instagram, a platform for not only selfies and cute dog photos, but also for telling stories […]

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Stop bullying

Bullying: Are we stamping it out?

19th November 2020

It is a common misconception that bullying exists only in the schoolyard. It is easy to stereotype bullies as the wedgie-giving big kid stealing your lunch money. Or perhaps the malicious ‘mean girl’ spreading rumours behind your back. However, the circumstances are often much more complex. For us to fully appreciate the concept of it, […]

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Logging out of online learning

6th November 2020

Getting my A level results this year was disappointing. In the time of COVID 19, it just felt so insignificant in the context of the world around me. The grades in themselves were OK, and I am very lucky that they were. They got me into Durham University who had also set a low offer […]

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What do women want?

13th October 2020

What do women want? This question has been asked by millions of men (and women) over and over again. It seems to be something so complex and confusing, worthy of in-depth study and deliberation. Here’s the simple answer: balance. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you, but women actually just want to be treated […]

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Use COVID to save the planet

5th October 2020

David Attenborough‘s witness statement, A Life on Our Planet, is strong stuff. It always is from the 93-year-old TV veteran, but with his most recent documentary now available on Netflix, you can sense there’s an urgency to Attenborough’s message this time. He is serious – he’s almost desperate. For many years now, we have known […]

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Exclusive: Durham Uni’s attitude to Northern students

1st October 2020

Six days ago, I wrote an article about my experience of prejudice and discrimination targeted at my Northern background/accent at Durham University. The response has, to say the least, totally overwhelmed me. Over fifty people have contacted me with messages of support, and 2,000 people have read my article. But the depressing thing is this: […]

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The Simple Pleasures of a Record Player

27th September 2020

Once upon a time, a record player was as common as a Spotify Premium subscription. Everyone had one because that’s how you got to listen to your music. Once upon a time, you also paid about £3 for an album on vinyl. And that leads me to what I’m here to talk about: the simple […]

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Things Posh People Have Said to Me

25th September 2020

Everyone warned me before I went to Durham University that it was full of posh people. Everyone said to me that I wouldn’t like them. Everyone implied that it wouldn’t be easy. Turns out everyone was right. And here I am, just a girl, writing an article for you about the things posh people have […]

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Exploring the Derwent Reservoir

24th September 2020

Just west of Consett and on the border of County Durham and Northumberland lies the Derwent Reservoir – a spot of true national beauty basically right on our doorstep. With the rambling hills, still anglers and rafts of ducks, the Derwent Reservoir is a calming spot for a long walk and a good old picnic. […]

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg, RBG

19th September 2020

It is not often that an individual leaves such a mark on a society. It is not often that an individual can symbolise so much for a society. But Ruth Bader Ginsburg was, after all, an extraordinary woman. It was announced today that this powerhouse of the American Supreme Court has passed away, aged 87. […]

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What to Do in Lockdown… Again

18th September 2020

With the news today that the North East is going to be put in lockdown again, we’ve come up with a little list of things to do to keep you occupied. While a lot of folks are still working throughout this bout of tighter COVID-19 restrictions, there’s a lot of elderly and young people who’ll […]

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Eat Out To Help Out – Now Don’t Go Out

17th September 2020

It seems awfully strange, doesn’t it, that just last month we were vigorously encouraged to go out, spend money at restaurants and do, as The Sun (and thus the Tories) put it, our ‘civic duty’? Even stranger when, now, a matter of weeks later, I can’t go inside of my grandmother’s house because the North […]

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social media

Social Media: Is it really worth it?

27th July 2020

In the modern-day, it feels like there is more and more pressure to join social media. However, despite the interconnectivity, social media might not be worth it for everyone.  Toxicity Because of the optional anonymity, many people can become rude or even abusive when they disagree with someone online. Many people have been seriously mentally […]

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We are guilty too

5th June 2020

Over the past few days, I have been following the movement and events following George Floyd’s death. I have found myself becoming increasingly passionate about the issue at stake. For those of you who don’t know, George Floyd was a 46-year-old man, who was brutally killed outside a shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after being arrested […]

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Coronavirus: Where lockdown went wrong

29th April 2020

Coronavirus has been, undoubtedly, one of the most shocking and unexpected (unless you’re Bill Gates) things to happen to the world since World War Two. It has shut down normality in one swift, succinct wave – and with this, it has claimed the lives of many thousands. But did as many lives have to be […]

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Social housing: where did it go?

10th December 2019

Social housing is housing provided by the government to people with low income or particular needs. These houses, also known as council houses, have much lower rent than regular houses, and usually provide long-term tenancy to help tenants focus on improving their lives. However, in recent years, there has been nowhere near enough social housing […]

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Dealing with Wanting to Drop Out

28th November 2019

University can be one of the most challenging times in an individual’s life. Suddenly, you’re all away from home and the friends and family you love with a bunch of people who are so utterly different from you. You might not like your course, your ‘friends’ or the city you’re in. And suddenly you find […]

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Never Take a True Friend for Granted

27th November 2019

True friends are probably the most valuable thing you can have in life. They know your deepest secrets, your past traumas, all your jokes, all your memories. They’re in all your photos, all your thoughts and all of your future plans. And most importantly, they’re there for you in any time of need. That’s why […]

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Why a No-Deal Brexit Should be Ruled Out

26th November 2019

Brexit has quickly become the bane of pretty much every British person’s life. The news, every TV programme, articles, comedy – you name it, they’re all talking about Brexit. And even though nobody can agree on anything, I propose there’s one thing we should agree on. It’s that no-deal should be ruled out entirely as […]

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Top 5 Music Artists of the 2010s

25th November 2019

After reviewing the top five DJs of the 2010s, I’ve decided to tackle the past 10 years of music as a whole. Therefore I’m going to explain, in-depth, why I believe that the following five artists have had the most influence across the globe since 2010. 5. Bruno Mars A close call for the fifth […]

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Facebook Should Ban All Political Ads

25th November 2019

When it comes to election time, tensions run high. They run high within households, cities, workplaces – and even the highest of companies. A couple of weeks ago, demands were made to have Facebook ban all political ads. And just this week, Google has announced they will ban them. This news comes after the EU […]

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Good Riddance to Prince Andrew

24th November 2019

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past couple of weeks, you’ll know that there’s been uproar surrounding Prince Andrew – the Queen’s favourite son. The whole Prince Andrew scandal is centred around the fact that he had a long and close friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted child sex trafficker. And when this […]

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Beware of the Tories – they are lying to you

23rd November 2019

The headline of this piece may come as absolutely no surprise to you. Yes, the Tories are lying. Again. To you. Except, the problem is that, this time, they are lying to you during an election campaign where things like lies really do matter. The first strike was during the ITV debate between Prime Minister […]

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Unpopular Opinions: Voting Age Shouldn’t be Lowered

12th November 2019

In recent years, young people across the country have become seemingly more politically active than ever before. This is, for the most part, down to the two ‘doomsday’ events that had a seismic impact on the political landscape across the globe: the election of Donald Trump as President and the UK’s decision to leave the […]

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What the Hell Are: Fake Online Influencers

11th November 2019

Online influencers are a great way for advertisers to reach a young audience. Through a quick Instagram story, or a five minute YouTube video, a product can get more attention than a New York City billboard. However, a recent phenomenon in this influencer ordeal is that some don’t actually exist. Fake online influencers are a […]

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How One Man’s Blunder Prompted Fall of Berlin Wall

10th November 2019

The 9th of November this year marked 30 years since the night West Germans and East Germans celebrated atop the Berlin Wall after a Socialist Unity Party official mistakenly confirmed that the border would be open for crossing. On the 9th of November 1989, Günter Schabowski was to lead a press conference which was supposed […]

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Why you should just wear a red poppy

10th November 2019

November means one thing, mainly: it means it’s poppy season. Remembrance Day falls in this month, and it is always a time of great reflection for the nation. Yet this November, there is quite a stir on social media about the red poppy, with a few individuals equating it with supporting racism and homophobia. This […]

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What Annoyed the Internet This Week

8th November 2019

‘No good turn goes unpunished’ is an expression that might be quite close to home for US rapper Kanye West at the moment after he was falsely accused of providing sub-par catering at an event he performed at on the 1st of November. Kanye and his Sunday Service team performed at a fundraising event called […]

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Friendships of Convenience

6th November 2019

It is estimated that we meet around 80,000-100,000 people in our lifetime. Of these people, some become our closest friends, some become enemies and some fall into a strange category: friendships of convenience. Most people experience friendships of convenience at work, where it is, generally speaking, convenient to be on good terms with everyone. It […]

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Unpopular Opinions: Climate Activists are Doing it Wrong

5th November 2019

Besides the murder, corruption and countless other happy goings-on in the world, two words seem to stand out. By now, they are words capable of striking fear into the hearts of even the youngest children. Words describing something that, according to some, is going to wipe us from the face of the earth in just […]

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Unpaid Internships are Supporting Inequality

4th November 2019

It’s the time of year when students up and down the country are applying for internships at firms all over the place. The bankers, accountants and computer whizzes all have one thing in common: there are plenty of opportunities out there, up and down the country, and all of it is paid. The media, journalism, […]

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Private Jets: A Necessity for All Apart from Everyone

31st October 2019

It’s unlikely that you or I will ever experience the feeling of being the only person on a plane as it crosses borders 30,000 feet up. Contrastingly, for some, the only way to enter a new country is by privately jetting off in a swanky Bombardier jet. Private jet sustainability has been threatened in the […]

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Response to: The Wage Gap Isn’t Down to the Patriarchy

30th October 2019

‘The wage gap’ is phrase which has floated around for years in society, encompassing the fact that women are paid less than men. It cannot be denied that the wage gap exists: it’s a fact. Yet more often than not the phrase is perceived as simple, when indeed it is not and the wage gap […]

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Dealing With Feelings of Dread

30th October 2019

Feelings of dread are acutely different from feelings of anxiety. The root of dread is probably the same as anxiety, though it’s not quite the same. Dread is more of an overwhelmingly dulling feeling, while anxiety is much more hyper-active, making you alert to everything that is happening and that could possibly happen. Dread is […]

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Unpopular Opinions: Child Transitions are Harmful

29th October 2019

You may have seen the recent news story making waves across the US this past week: a Texas jury ruled against a father trying to win sole custody of his twin seven-year-old sons, one of whom is due to begin hormone replacement therapy in order to begin the transition from male to female. This transition […]

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The Best Ways to Make New Friends at Uni

29th October 2019

Now that the immediate buzz surrounding the infamous Freshers’ Week is over, and students are starting to settle in, things can start to get a little bit more overwhelming. Suddenly you’re alone in the world with a bunch of random people you’ve known for just a few short weeks, and yet it feels like the […]

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Fathers deserve the same custody rights as mothers

27th October 2019

It doesn’t matter whether your parents are together or divorced, or whether you live with your mother or your father, or your two mothers or just your dad – everyone has two parents. And, generally speaking, you love those two parents just the same and they love you just as much as the other. Obviously, […]

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When Things Don’t Go to Plan…

25th October 2019

Life has such a good way of throwing everything you ever planned straight out of the window. For years and years you may have planned to live in a certain place, in a certain way, with certain people. Then, one day, the plans just crumble before you. So, when things don’t go to plan, what […]

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Why I hate student politics

23rd October 2019

Student politics is often thought of as a vehicle to make great change at universities up and down the country. It’s viewed as a way for students from all backgrounds to get involved and change things. It’s all about representation. Except it isn’t. Student politics – at least in my experience – is about vanity […]

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What Annoyed the Internet This Week

21st October 2019

This week’s What Annoyed the Internet is yet another example of good TV shows/movies being ruined because of cast members acting like clowns. Jane the Virgin is one of the most wholesome, unproblematic shows to ever have been created. Centred around a Latina family, JTV shone a refreshing light on LGBTQ+ relationships, strong women, bilingual […]

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Unpopular Opinions: The Wage Gap Isn’t Down to the Patriarchy

21st October 2019

If there’s one way to become even more hated after writing an article on why you’re not a feminist, it’s following said article up with another criticising a common talking point of the movement: the wage gap. A quick (but very important) disclaimer to begin with: I do not believe the wage gap is a […]

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