Study finds North East has lost out due to Brexit

20th January 2021

BY FLAMINIA LUCK A report published by the University of Warwick, has calculated which areas of the country have won or lost out economically as a result of the Brexit vote. The report, titled Measuring the Regional Economic Cost of Brexit, has used data and statistics from 2018 to construct a predictive modelling which estimates […]

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Inauguration Day 2021

20th January 2021

As Joe Biden is sworn in as President of the United States today, we look at how we can expect the ceremony to look today, and what the 46th President aims to do next. Check out my quick and simple narrative video below. Want to know more about Joe Biden’s election win? Click here. And, […]

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The Crucial Next Stage of COVID

22nd December 2020

Boris Johnson and his government have come under serious fire over the course of the pandemic because of their response (or sometimes lack of) to the severity of rising cases of COVID-19. Now that a new variant of the virus has been discovered, and its transmission rate is faster than the original variant, there is […]

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deal or no deal

Brexit: Deal or No Deal?

10th December 2020

Last night Prime Minister Boris Johnson travelled to Brussels to meet Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Union. It has been viewed as a last-ditch attempt to secure some kind of deal between Britain and the EU as negotiations reach yet another sticky point. The sticky point in question is actually a […]

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Joe Biden, 46th President

7th November 2020

After what has been an incredibly tense, unsettling and suspenseful few days in America, the next president has finally revealed himself. Democrat Joe Biden is projected by most media sources to have won the US election and the 270 Electoral College votes necessary to eclipse Donald Trump, making him President-elect and number 46. Despite lawsuits […]

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US Election: What’s going on?

4th November 2020

As promised, we’d be right back with you once we had a clearer picture of what’s actually going on in the US. As for that ‘clearer picture’ – well, there isn’t one, to be honest. All that is clear is exactly what I said in my last article: this election could go on for days […]

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US Election: Not out of the woods yet

3rd November 2020

Today is the official polling day across the pond in the United States, though millions of postal votes have flooded in over the past three weeks. After four years of President Trump and everything that comes with the tweeter-in-chief, is America about to elect the Democratic antidote? The polls have opponent Joe Biden in the […]

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Use COVID to save the planet

5th October 2020

David Attenborough‘s witness statement, A Life on Our Planet, is strong stuff. It always is from the 93-year-old TV veteran, but with his most recent documentary now available on Netflix, you can sense there’s an urgency to Attenborough’s message this time. He is serious – he’s almost desperate. For many years now, we have known […]

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Never trust a Tory

22nd July 2020

They’ve done it again. Another promise broken. Thousands of people put their trust in Johnson’s government for the first, and it’s been let down after let down ever since. On the 20th of July New Clause 17 was debated in the House Of Commons. The new clause was intended to protect the NHS from any […]

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Coronavirus: Where lockdown went wrong

29th April 2020

Coronavirus has been, undoubtedly, one of the most shocking and unexpected (unless you’re Bill Gates) things to happen to the world since World War Two. It has shut down normality in one swift, succinct wave – and with this, it has claimed the lives of many thousands. But did as many lives have to be […]

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What have we done?

17th December 2019

If the general election has brought light on anything it is the true colours of our beloved Britain; selfish, racist, homophobic, prejudice and foolish Britain. We have voted against everything that we should be proud of: the NHS, council housing, free education, benefits, the list can go on. And why? Because we are scared of […]

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Social housing: where did it go?

10th December 2019

Social housing is housing provided by the government to people with low income or particular needs. These houses, also known as council houses, have much lower rent than regular houses, and usually provide long-term tenancy to help tenants focus on improving their lives. However, in recent years, there has been nowhere near enough social housing […]

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Why a No-Deal Brexit Should be Ruled Out

26th November 2019

Brexit has quickly become the bane of pretty much every British person’s life. The news, every TV programme, articles, comedy – you name it, they’re all talking about Brexit. And even though nobody can agree on anything, I propose there’s one thing we should agree on. It’s that no-deal should be ruled out entirely as […]

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Facebook Should Ban All Political Ads

25th November 2019

When it comes to election time, tensions run high. They run high within households, cities, workplaces – and even the highest of companies. A couple of weeks ago, demands were made to have Facebook ban all political ads. And just this week, Google has announced they will ban them. This news comes after the EU […]

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Beware of the Tories – they are lying to you

23rd November 2019

The headline of this piece may come as absolutely no surprise to you. Yes, the Tories are lying. Again. To you. Except, the problem is that, this time, they are lying to you during an election campaign where things like lies really do matter. The first strike was during the ITV debate between Prime Minister […]

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Mastering Politics: Labour Manifesto 2019

23rd November 2019

Politics is never easy – and neither is cutting through all of the noise around it. But that’s why we’re here, and we’re explaining the key points of the Labour Party‘s manifesto for the 2019 general election. First of all, what’s a manifesto? Basically, a manifesto is a document produced by the political party with […]

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Tory candidate: Benefits Street stars should be ‘put down’

6th November 2019

It’s not every day you catch a prospective MP candidate who said that the people starring in Channel 4 TV show Benefits Street should be “put down”. Yet Conservative candidate Francesca O’Brien said this in 2014 on Facebook, it was revealed. O’Brien, who is running to be MP for Gower in South Wales, was selected […]

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Unpaid Internships are Supporting Inequality

4th November 2019

It’s the time of year when students up and down the country are applying for internships at firms all over the place. The bankers, accountants and computer whizzes all have one thing in common: there are plenty of opportunities out there, up and down the country, and all of it is paid. The media, journalism, […]

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MP to stand down due to abuse

29th October 2019

We often hear about how toxic things have become in politics. Be it Brexit, immigration, the NHS – all of these issues are highly emotive and have, without a doubt, caused tensions to run high with those holding public office. However, MP Heidi Allen has announced she is to stand down due to abuse she […]

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Brexit extension agreed by EU

28th October 2019

It has been announced today by the European Union that the UK has been granted a further Brexit extension – 31st January 2020. EU Council President Donald Tusk said the extension is more of a “flextension”, meaning that the UK government can take us out of the EU before that deadline if they wish to […]

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EU discusses Brexit extension

25th October 2019

Following predictably dramatic scenes in Parliament this week, EU leaders are discussing the possibility of a Brexit extension as Prime Minister Boris Johnson pushes for a general election. EU ambassadors have come together today to consider how long to give Britain before we leave the Union. It comes after Chancellor Sajid Javid admitted that Johnson’s […]

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Why I hate student politics

23rd October 2019

Student politics is often thought of as a vehicle to make great change at universities up and down the country. It’s viewed as a way for students from all backgrounds to get involved and change things. It’s all about representation. Except it isn’t. Student politics – at least in my experience – is about vanity […]

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Mastering Politics: What’s a Bill?

1st October 2019

There’s so much political talk whirring all around the news – and there has been for the past three years. One word you’ll have heard numerous times is ‘bill’. They are super important, but not all that clear to work out. So, here’s an easy explanation of bills in the Houses of Parliament. What actually […]

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Mastering Politics: What’s the Chancellor?

24th September 2019

Roles within politics are not always very well understood. Even the role of the prime minister isn’t very clear to many people looking into the bewildering world of politics. So, you’re forgiven for not really knowing what the chancellor – of all people – does in their job. The job description The primary role of […]

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Migrant Camp in Dunkirk Cleared

23rd September 2019

As of last week, French police began to evacuate the Dunkirk migrant camp near the northern port of the city. Dunkirk is one of the closest French ports to England. Authorities have already attempted to clear the camp in the past in October 2018 when around 1,800 people resided there. The gymnasium there was opened […]

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Mastering Politics: Dominic Cummings

17th September 2019

You may have heard his name briefly mentioned in the news really, but only if you were listening closely. Either way, you’ll definitely have heard his slogan: “Take back control”. Dominic Cummings is a very powerful man operating behind the scenes of government right now, so we thought we’d explain who he is and what […]

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The Truth About the Amazon Fires

11th September 2019

At b**p we always strive to deliver the truth to our readers, and, in part, we did this with our article on the agricultural industry feeding the fires in the Amazon rainforest. However, that’s not the full truth. In fact, there’s a lot more to the Amazon fires than simply going vegan. The truth about […]

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MPs to force No. 10 to release texts

10th September 2019

In a shock move last night, MPs voted to force the government to release some of their no-deal planning documents and private messages from No. 10 officials. The vote came as the fifth defeat of five votes within a week for Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It also followed the resignation of former Work and Pensions […]

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Mastering Politics: Prorogation of Parliament

10th September 2019

When it comes to politics, nothing is simple. Let alone the current goings on in Westminster. Recently in the news, there has been lots of talk around the prorogation of Parliament. Of course, any ordinary person has no idea what that means. But don’t worry – that’s why we’re here. Prorogation is the term used […]

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Brexit: The embodiment of everything wrong

9th September 2019

‘Brexit’: the blatant jargon that has blazed our headlines not-so-graciously over the past three years. Once a foreign concept, the term is now something we are all too familiar with. That’s not necessarily a good thing. Regardless of your stance on the issue, I think we can all agree it has gotten completely out of […]

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Unpopular Opinions: Free Tuition Doesn’t Work

6th September 2019

Free tuition. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Many young people reading this will be heading off to university very soon, and we all know that with a degree comes that dreaded mountain of student debt. The government has predicted that, by the middle of the century, outstanding student debt will reach an astounding £450 billion, which […]

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Boris was wrong to sack 21 MPs

5th September 2019

British politics at the moment is moving at such a rapid pace it’s hard to keep up. But one particular event has lasted longer than most in the news – and that’s Boris Johnson’s sacking of 21 of his own MPs. Don’t be misled by that statement – the Prime Minister hasn’t just got rid […]

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The Day Democracy Dies

5th September 2019

In four days’ time, we will witness the death of democracy in the UK. The British Parliament will shut down for approximately five weeks and during this time, your MPs will be rendered useless. For five weeks the Chamber of the House of Lords will be empty. For five weeks the voices of MPs in […]

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Whose Fault is the Current Brexit Crisis?

4th September 2019

As we see our most recent Prime Minister Boris Johnson rack up a 100% defeat rate in the House of Commons, we are all beginning to lose the plot. Every news story is about Brexit, and every news story calls it a ‘crisis’. Every news story is pretty much right. But whose fault is this […]

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Mastering Politics: European Parliament

27th August 2019

Understanding politics isn’t easy, let alone beginning to try to understand anything regarding Europe. With so much noise surrounding Europe and Brexit, getting simple facts on the issues is difficult. But this edition of Mastering Politics is going to give you the simple facts today – all about the European Parliament. What is the European […]

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Why Capitalism Shouldn’t be a Dirty Word

24th August 2019

It seems dangerous merely daring to use the words ‘capitalism’ and ‘fair’ in the same sentence, doesn’t it? But why? Maybe it’s the pipe dream being sold to the masses – especially today’s youth – that communism will one day swoop in to solve all of our problems. Ah, yes – communism, the ideology-in-shining armour […]

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Mastering Politics: The Power of the Prime Minister

20th August 2019

Understanding politics isn’t easy – let alone trying to understand the role of the most important person in Britain: the Prime Minister. This week’s Mastering Politics is all about the power of the prime minister and how much of it they really have. What is the role of the prime minister? The prime minister’s (PM) […]

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Why Tuition Fees Aren’t the Problem

16th August 2019

University costs have skyrocketed in the past decade. What was once a free educational institution where a place earned meant genuine hard work and a solid academic background has become a money-grabbing, self-serving machine. Introduced in 1998 by Blair’s Labour government, tuition fees were meant to stay low. Raised to over £9,000 in 2016, they […]

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Mastering Politics: Communism

13th August 2019

Understanding politics isn’t easy, let alone trying to understand something as complex as communism. With so much opinion clouding this part of politics, you’re forgiven for being clueless. That’s why we’re explaining communism without opinion and in simple terms right here. What is communism? First and foremost, communism is an ideology. This means it’s a […]

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Mastering Politics: Capitalism

6th August 2019

Understanding politics isn’t easy – and that’s why we have our own ‘politics put simply’ column, Mastering Politics. This time, we’re explaining the meaning of capitalism. What is capitalism? Capitalism is, first and foremost, an ideology. This means that it’s a system of ideas and beliefs about the economy and social aspects of running a […]

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Why Priti Patel is Dangerous

5th August 2019

When Boris Johnson was announced as the new Prime Minister, there were no prizes for guessing who’d be sent straight into the Home Office. It was always going to be Priti Patel, the loyal BoJo Brexiteer. Priti Patel, born in London to a Ugandan-Indian family, has been in politics for a while now. Originally, she […]

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Theresa May: a goodie or a baddie?

27th July 2019

Theresa May has undoubtedly had one of the most trying and frustrating premerships of all prime ministers. And the worst part is that it was all caused by her own Party. The instability caused by members of Theresa May’s own Party in itself shows that she was not a masterful leader at all. Instead, it […]

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Boris Johnson announced as prime minister

23rd July 2019

It was announced this morning that Boris Johnson is to be Britain’s next prime minister. Johnson, who was always tipped to win the Conservative leadership race, beat opponent Jeremy Hunt in a ballot of Tory members. During his campaign, he was endorsed by a number of high-profile Conservative MPs, including Jacob Rees-Mogg, Michael Gove and […]

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Mastering Politics: Socialism

20th July 2019

Understanding specific political terms is not an easy task. It doesn’t help when the Internet is full of people with opinions and overly-long sentences trying to explain stuff either. So, Mastering Politics is back and is here to explain socialism. What is socialism? Socialism is an ideology first and foremost, which means it’s a system […]

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Trump ‘Go Home’ Comments Explained

16th July 2019

US President Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy. However, his latest Twitter comments have caused a stir among people and politicians alike due to their racist nature. In a three-thread tweet on Sunday, Trump said that four Congresswomen of colour who have been extremely criticial of his administration, should “go back and help fix […]

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Review: Johnson v Hunt Debate

9th July 2019

In the one and only Conservative leadership race debate on ITV, hopefuls Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt went head to head on issues from Brexit to the NHS to what it means to be the British prime minister. If you missed the debate, or just couldn’t understand anything other than Boris Johnson talking over everyone, […]

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Mastering Politics: The Brexit Party

8th July 2019

Political parties are not the easiest of things to understand – and that’s just speaking for the mainstream ones. The Brexit Party is one of the newest political parties in Britain, and it was officially founded in January 2019. It labels itself as Eurosceptic, meaning it is highly critical of the European Union (EU). The […]

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Why Boris Johnson just can’t be PM

3rd July 2019

As we inch ever-closer to discovering just who will win the Conservative Party leadership race, and thus become Britain’s next prime minister, there’s something seriously bothering me. It has everything to do with the teriffying thought of Boris Johnson becoming PM. You might think that this is terrifying to me – and, I’m sure, millions […]

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Mastering Politics: Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

2nd July 2019

The name Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe probably rings a bell in your mind. It’s the name of a British-Iranian woman who has been detained in Iran since 2016 after she headed out there to visit family with her young daughter. Why was she detained? According to Iranian authorities, Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe was “plotting to topple the Iranian government”. […]

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Women protest with pickets during feminist movement

Feminism: Ignored or Provoked by the Media?

14th May 2019

It was the summer of 2015. My family and I were on our annual road trip and we had just visited London. As we were on our 6-hour journey coming back home, we noticed that there was a huge traffic jam and commotion occurring on the main road we were travelling on. The reason? A […]

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