PM meets Grenfell campaigners

10 May 2018

By Lauren E. White

Prime Minister Theresa May met Grenfell campaigners with a warning on Thursday.

Nabil Choucair lost six family members in the tragic Grenfell Tower disaster in June last year and met with the Prime Minister in an effort to make her improve the inquiry into the disaster. Mr Choucair watched the tower burn in the early hours of 14th June and said that Theresa May is “on another planet”.

The meeting was attended by several other bereaved families who are asking the Prime Minister for a more diverse panel in the inquiry into the tower fire which resulted in the deaths of 71 people. They are also campaigning for those on the panel to have decision-making powers, something which has not been granted as of yet.

Credit: Damel Carayol

Artist Damel Carayol also met Mrs May on Thursday. He painted a picture of the Grenfell Tower in the days after the fire and presented it to Mrs May as a “gift”. The PM called the work “powerful” and said she would “reflect on it [the issues raised in a petition started by the campaigners]”. Mr Carayol said he created the painting out of “pure anger and sweat and swearing”.

Overall the meeting did not seem very successful for the PM as Mr Choucair still feels as though she is not listening to Grenfell campaigners’ issues. He said: “It’s like we’re talking and it’s going in but then out the other ear.”

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