A depiction of Donald Trump and protesters with pickets about human rights.

You may have heard of a ‘snowflake’, and thought, what does it mean? Naturally, your innate curiosity as a liberal, open-minded individual, makes you investigate this new insult people have been throwing around lately like salted peanuts at a 16th birthday party.

Define: Snowflake

According to the urban dictionary, a snowflake is someone that ‘thinks they are unique and special, but really are not’. This is a reference from the legendary Fight Club. Nonetheless, it’s been more recently used to describe people who are ‘easily hurt or offended by the actions of others’.

All things considered, snowflakes tend to be young, principled people, guilty of being concerned or offended about issues other people a) ignore or b) think differently about. Your average modern-day snowflake has liberal views about animal/human rights, gender, race/immigration and politics.

Snowflakes left, left, and left to Centre

We have a strange, love-hate relationship with figures like Piers Morgan, who embodies the ever-widening gap between the political left and right. Piers has been particularly open when slamming-down millennial views, deeming people ‘snowflakes’ on topics like veganism and gender.

The idea that someone identifies as neither male or female simply doesn’t compute with the likes of Piers. Having never really accepted things ‘other’ than himself, he simply won’t comprehend that society’s deeply-ingrained beliefs, like gender binaries, may be flawed. His reaction to vegan alternatives on Good Morning Britain reveals not just a flat-out-refusal of, but an offence to things that don’t align with his own beliefs.

What’s that? Piers Morgan – the man accusing snowflakes of being too concerned with racism and gender-identity [to name a few] – is offended by a vegan sausage roll?

Don’t be offended

If someone calls you a snowflake, don’t be offended. Instead, be proud of your views, and continue to fight for the issues that others turn away from. You represent change the world desperately needs, and language is not the be all and end all. You will inevitably encounter people, just like Piers, who are ready to dismiss or label you. React calmly by listening and then state your case; it’s time to challenge your own stereotype.

Below is another video that sums-up gender pronouns perfectly (warning – some language may cause offence)