Top 5 Benefits of Studying Close to Home.

22 March 2024

By Cerys

Going to university can seem like a scary process at first, especially if you move far away. That’s why going to a uni near your home allows you to have comfort nearby whilst also gaining your independence. I chose to go to uni a 30-minute drive from my home and these are some of the reasons as to how I benefitted from that choice..


Knowing the city

I grew up near Newcastle so I was already familiar with the city before moving out. This meant that on my first days at uni, I didn’t have the anxiety of having to find my way around somewhere unfamiliar. It also meant that I already knew all the best spots for food, drinks and good nights out so I could spend my time doing what I enjoyed. This allowed me to feel more confident in my studies as I could focus on my assignments rather than on finding my way around somewhere new.

It is a bonus knowing the city you move to as it takes away the unnecessary stress of not knowing where anything is.

Close to family

If you’re like me and have a close relationship with your mum then staying close to home is comforting. Having family nearby means that you can still see them in your free time. My mum and I are always squeezing in cinema trips, going for drinks, and going out for food and she even takes me to my food shop. It also means that when I have reading weeks at uni, I can go home and unwind from student life without having to travel too far.

Being close to family is a bonus as it means you can have extra support and can see your family easily.

Travelling home is quick

If you ever want to pop home it’s quick and convenient if you don’t live far away. This has helped me a lot as I have lots of my clothes at home as I can’t fit them all in my flat. It was also useful when I first moved to uni as I didn’t have to travel far with all my stuff. I was lucky enough that my mum helped me with her car so we were able to do a few trips and it didn’t take us long. It also meant that anything I had forgotten to pack could just get dropped off by my mum another time. At Christmas, it was also useful living close by as I was able to just hop on a 20-minute train with my stuff and be home.

It is a bonus having a short travel time as it makes going home a lot more convenient. 

Working at uni

I have a part-time job in the city centre whilst I’m at uni which means that when I do go home, I can still travel to work. This is a lot more convenient for potential employees as they don’t need to worry about you moving away from the city as you can still work your hours. This is especially important at Christmas as that is the busiest time of year so you are more likely to be needed then. Working near my home has helped me as it means that when I need a break from being in the city, I can still go home and not have to worry about not being able to go to work.

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Saving money

Studying near home has saved me money. Travel costs are cheap on the bus and train so I can pop home whenever. Some people choose not to live out which would save you money as you would only have to pay your parents a certain amount, rather than rent and bills. I wanted to move out for independence but it has still saved me money living nearby. 

There are many more reasons as to why studying close to home is beneficial. It has been the best decision for me and anyone unsure about where to study should take all these reasons into account.

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