This week’s What Annoyed the Internet is yet another example of good TV shows/movies being ruined because of cast members acting like clowns.

Jane the Virgin is one of the most wholesome, unproblematic shows to ever have been created. Centred around a Latina family, JTV shone a refreshing light on LGBTQ+ relationships, strong women, bilingual families and other themes that have historically been portrayed as negative.

Well Jane Gloriana Villeneuve herself has ruined it by posted an Instagram story of herself singing along to a Fugees song.

Gina Rodriguez, who plays Jane on the show, could clearly be heard saying the N-word as she rapped along to Ready or Not by the Fugees.

Aside from the whole N-word thing, a lot of people were mad that Gina butchered the lyrics. While I was checking to see if her rendition sounded anything like the original, it became apparent that a lot of people had had the same thought.

Back to the N-word drama: Twitter users were quick to draw comparison between Gina’s lack of respect for other cultures with Scarlett Johansson’s.

Scarlett Johansson has famously taken roles in movies that were not really intended for a white, cisgender woman.

What’s even more upsetting about Gina’s use of the N-word is that this isn’t even the first time it’s happened.

In an old YouTube video that has since been deleted, Gina used the slur as part of a scripted sketch.

To make matters worse, it took her three hours to delete the story and post this half-arsed apology.

As expected, Twitter dragged her to the point where she will definitely think twice about using the word again.

As one Twitter user points out, at least we still have her co-star Justin Baldoni, who plays the dreamy Rafael.