Why a No-Deal Brexit Should be Ruled Out

26 November 2019

By Lauren E. White

Brexit has quickly become the bane of pretty much every British person’s life. The news, every TV programme, articles, comedy – you name it, they’re all talking about Brexit. And even though nobody can agree on anything, I propose there’s one thing we should agree on. It’s that no-deal should be ruled out entirely as an option.

A no-deal Brexit is quite possibly one of the worst ideas any politician has had since the Iraq War in 2003. It’s a recipe for complete and utter disaster – not just for jobs and the economy, but for our welfare state and society as a whole. If we were to leave the European Union without a deal, we would genuinely be that small, stranded island they warned us about becoming in the first place. It’s not scaremongering – it’s fact.


The government has spent millions of taxpayers’ money preparing for a no-deal Brexit and they have assessed the impact of this option. All of the results are grave. And guess who comes off worst? The north-east. As usual, we’ll be left to our own devices having being completely screwed over by the government.

Any leader who proposes a no-deal Brexit is a thoroughly irresponsible one. It means we are not prepared security-wise, health-wise, money-wise or immigration-wise – and it puts us at a disadvantage until they can finally sort something else out.

No-deal is bad for us all – and the sooner everyone comes to their senses to rule self-harming their own country out of the picture, the better.

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