Every 90s and 00s kid spent hours and hours playing Nintendo’s top-selling game Animal Crossing. Having seemingly understood the nostalgia that kids born in this era experience once they grow out of handheld game consoles, Nintendo has released an app version of the game- Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

The app has barely been out for one week and everybody seems to have it. Since I loved playing Animal Crossing as a child, I didn’t even hesitate before downloading it. I had hoped it would be exactly like the original, complete with cute houses, Tom Nook and the tiny town map. After completing all of the introductory tasks and having a little explore of the town, I swiftly uninstalled it.


Well, Pocket Camp doesn’t give you the same freedom as the original. Rather than letting you get on with your own cartoon life, you have to complete designated tasks in order to earn money and make friends, and there doesn’t seem to be a sense of purpose. In the original version of the game, you had a house on which you had to make continuous payments to the landlord until you’d fully paid it and wanted an upgraded house, on which you’d pay even more money back. There’s none of this in the new version and it’s all about making friends with other campers rather than fulfilling a financial obligation (wow, I just realised how boring I sound).

In terms of the map, the Pocket Camp world is much bigger and you don’t really have to walk anywhere yourself- you just hop on the bus and arrive promptly at your destination.

You still have to catch fish and bugs, harvest fruit and buy furniture but the way you do these tasks has been massively simplified.

In short, if you’re looking for a game to be exactly like the original, you will be disappointed. If you’re significantly more open-minded and welcoming of change than I am, you’ll probably enjoy it.