After what looked like a solid start, with 2.5 million copies shipped in the first five days of sales, Capcom’s share holders are not looking to optimistic. It has been reported by PCGamesN that stocks are down 2%.

This downward trend could be due to the fact that compared to recent games, it hasn’t sold quite as many as Resident Evil 5 or Resident Evil 6 did in their first week. These are two of Capcom’s best selling games ever, but I think we may have a theory as to why.

Think about the recent games linked to the Resident Evil franchise. We have things like Raccoon City, and Umbrella Corps – titles that took the RE formula, and decimated it. Just completely gave the middle finger to players who wanted more.

So perhaps people are cautious to pick this one up simply because they were disappointed with other games.

Resident Evil 7 is forecast to sell 4 million copies by the end of Capcom’s financial year. Hopefully they’ll hit the mark because the game is actually Resident Evil back on form.

Stay tuned for a review soon(ish).