There’s just something incredible appealing about sipping on a cocktail while waiting in the airport for your flight to be called, even if that happens to be at 7 in the morning. But, early morning airport drinking could soon be banned, as discussions are underway regarding a potential change to the law.

According to a report by Manchester Evening News, some Peers in the House of Lords want to change the habits of many holiday-goers.

In a report released earlier this month, they stated:

“No one travelling on an international flight can fail to notice that, once they have gone through customs, control of the sale of alcohol seems to be relaxed, and the permitted hours even more so.”

And, potentially as a result of this, the

“number of incidents where the passenger fails to respect the rules of conduct at an airport or on board an aircraft have risen significantly.”

We’ve probably all had experience of being on a plane with a rowdy passenger who’s had a few too many drinks, and we all know just how frustrating that can be, especially if they turn angry, so it’s clear to see why this issue is being discussed.

What do you think? Should early morning drinking be banned?