Patty Jenkins, the woman behind this year’s best DC movie, will return for the second Wonder Woman film in 2019. She is now the highest grossing female Hollywood director in history.

Israeli actress Gal Gadot will also return for the sequel after blowing critics and audiences away with her performance as the Amazonian woman herself. Wonder Woman made impressive numbers, considering it is the first female lead superhero movie since 2005’s Elektra.

But we don’t talk about Elektra.

Patty overtook Phyllida Lloyd, who directed Mamma Mia in 2008, for the highest grossing female director. Which again is impressive, because Mamma Mia was everywhere that year. Couldn’t move for it.

Gal Gadot will star in Justice League as Wonder Woman once again, alongside Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa, which will be out in November.

Wonder Woman was praised for its stance of female empowerment, action sequences and actual women being total badasses.