Someone was horrified to learn that Yorkshire Tea © is not actually grown in Yorkshire. It is in fact grown in Africa and India.

A shocking revelation.

Every nation has their stereotypes. The French eat frogs, Italy has a never-ending supply of pasta and us Brits bloody love a cup of tea. Doesn’t matter what time of day, it’s in our blood.

But imagine,, if you will that someone didn’t understand that the name of something doesn’t necessarily dictate where it comes from. Observe.

This was then, in kind, shared about Twitter, by user Rita, who thought this was hilarious. She’s right, it is. The joke being he didn’t get that tea isn’t traditionally grown in the UK and Yorkshire Tea© use a special blend from Africa and India.

Thus, was his reply unto our tea givers:

And yay, the climax:


We’re just perplexed that it got this far. How passionate must you be about where your tea is sourced from? He’s completely out of options if he wants a brew. Typhoo©? From India. Tetley©? Kenya. PG Tips©? Also, Kenya.

Don’t tell him where coffee is grown either. We really don’t think he could handle it.

The company issued a statement after the debacle, saying:

‘We’re very proud to source our tea from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in Africa and India. It is then lovingly blended and packed at our HQ in Harrogate, North Yorkshire before being shipped across the UK and beyond.’