Microsoft, one of the largest tech companies in the world, have given up on their own version of the smartphone, the Windows phone. A few days ago, it was revealed that even Bill Gates doesn’t use a Windows phone.

Didn’t help that the phone was a bit…ugly.

The company has tweeted that development of new features and hardware for the OS, was no longer a ‘focus’.

Windows tried to attract users by letting them run the same apps they use on their desktop on their phones, however, it didn’t catch on. It was revealed that the OS made up around 0.03% of the global market in 2016 according to IDC, a research company.

Joe Belfiore, the chief, revealed that they had tried to incentivise companies to invest, but the numbers were too low for companies to put money into the phone. He did say that the phone would continue to receive bug fixes and security updates.

Earlier in the year, Windows Central reported that the company was working on a new version of the OS, called Andromeda and would run on all types of computers, making it possible for third-party apps to adapt without having to create a special ‘universal’ version.

It does suck that the phone didn’t do so well. Oh well.