Secret Shopper: Internacionale

13 November 2013

By Yasmine

Internacionale is a UK based fast fashion brand offering amazing value and on trend products for fashion conscious women. With nearly 100 stores around the UK, Internacionale covers North to South and East to West bringing low cost trends to women and girls all round. Not wanting to be seen in the same thing twice, this store is a must visit for the fashionistas among us.

Good Points:

  1. The store is very well spaced out. (Metrocentre)
  2. There is always a member of staff on the door so you are able to find staff easily.
  3. Although there are cheaper stores, Internacionale is still cheap for their clothing and accessories compared to other high street stores.

Bad Points:

  1. The store in the Metrocentre is normally quite empty. Staff basically think it is OK to walk around the shop or have conversations with each other instead of serving their customers. (no wonder they are going into administration)
  2. The member of staff which stands at the door normally pressures you to buy the latest item of clothing they have in the shop or the dearest items of clothing they have in the shop.
  3. Size 8’s everywhere! Is it that Internacionale only caters for size 8’s or the size 8’s don’t shop there. They have about 10 sizes of size 8’s and one size of every other size.


Customer service 2.5/5

Granting that there is always a member of staff at the front of the shop you always feel pressured to try on and buy what she tells you too. Lines are never very long in Internacionale but staff decide to chat to each other and don’t seem to care that customers are waiting to be served.


Value for money 4/5

Internacionale is the best store for a bargain. While it isn’t the cheapest clothing store on the planet, Internacionale always has a sale rail with lots of different items to choose from. Internacionale is unquestionably the cheapest store to go to for costume jewellery, with rings, bracelets and earrings starting from just 50p it’s no doubt in anyone’s mind to miss that much of a bargain.


We suggest:

  1. Although the strappy camis are not everyone’s cup of tea for this time of year, they are light weight and can brighten up a pencil skirt for a night out and they also go really well with a pair of skinny jeans ranging from just £8.99!
  2. With standout cocktail rings starting form a very fair price of £3.99 it’s no wonder we think Internacionale is the place to go for accessories.
  3. With Christmas just around the corner and the winter hitting us faster than ever we highly recommend the novelty Christmas reindeer jumper. It gets people into the festive spirit and it keeps you warm.



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