12 Lists of Christmas: Trends of 2014

13 December 2014

By Annie

So here we are, back again to deliver what we think was memorable from the last year. From celebs, to movies, to trends to events, to the things we want to see the back of. We don’t hold back with our 12 Lists of Christmas, so make sure you sit back and enjoy.


1. Henna
Henna rightfully earns a position on the 12 Lists of Christmas; first catapulted into fashion by Vanessa Hudgens at the Coachella Festival 2014 and initially inspired by Indian brides, the public flocked to eBay and Amazon to buy henna pens – essentially, foil tubes of henna mud that can be manipulated into enchanting styles. Arabichenna dries as a dark purple colour and lasts about a week whereas traditional Mehndi brown henna can last up to 2.




2. Gemstone jewellery

Bohemian style became very popular in 2014, more specifically jewellery made with gemstone charms. A particular favourite is the amethyst, rose quartz or amber necklaces that can be purchased at a reasonable price from H&M or Topshop. The range also spreads to bracelets and earrings.



3. Vine social networking

The seven-second video sharing site became the backbone of comedy on Twitter and Facebook this year, with the rise of Cockney jokers such as Dapper Laughs and Aaron Crascall making their name on the American social networking site. They took their place in the ‘Vine verified’ Hall of Fame alongside favourites such as Nicholas Megalis, Nash Grier and Lele Pons. Vine can be downloaded from the App Store free of charge.



4. Kimono’ jackets

2014 saw oriental-inspired kimono jackets burst onto the fashion scene. These light floral jackets were perfect for unpredictable British Summer weather and have continued to dominate the high-street with their Winter revival – Topshop released a range of more structured blazer-type kimonos whereas Asos sold a collection of knitted versions. They can be purchased almost everywhere, including eBay, some as cheap as £7! New Look, River Island and Primark all stock an extremely popular range of these wardrobe-staple goodies.


5. iPhone 6

Another year, another Apple upgrade. The company will never stop releasing a better version of the iPhone; this year saw the rise of the iPhone 6! Apple promises that this particular advancement offers better screen resolution, a better camera, faster Internet browsing speed and more memory. It cannot be denied that its enormous size alone and golden or silver colour will indefinitely help you stand out amongst your Android using friends. This can be bought from any phone shop, usually on a monthly contract at about £40 per month with a £99 upfront cost.

iphone 6

6. Chokers

90s fashion made a dramatic return this year, especially with the revival of black 90s choker necklaces. Emerging back on the scene from high-street shops such as Topshop, they can also be ordered from online sites such as Etsy.com or eBay for a very small price. Many manufacturers develop the simple style by adding cute silver charms or even wacky colours.


7. Marc Jacobs watches

Mr Jacobs must have made a killing this year; his trademark round face watch with gold and diamond decoration has taken the fashion scene by storm with jewellers selling out of the blingy timepieces in mere weeks. The designer has established his name in the jewellery market with his cool tortoiseshell and leopard print designs as well as the timeless gold and silver. However – they don’t come cheap, with the leather-strap watches selling for around £150 and gold/silver ones selling for £200-£250 in some cases!

marc jacob watch

8. Turtleneck clothes

Another 90s throwback! We are transported back to 1991 with the arrival of turtleneck fashion in our favourite high-street retailers. Perfect for the chilly Winter months, the turtleneck was ridiculed in previous years, but it has become a wardrobe favourite of late. A Parisian and effortlessly chic style. The Turtle Trend can be purchased almost everywhere on the high-street including Asos.com and Missguided.


9. Dipdye

Having been abandoned after the initial frenzy surrounding dipdye in 2012, the two-toned hair trend has begun to creep back into favour recently. Sported famously by Caroline Flack as well as by our friends from across the pond such as Drew Barrymore and Rachel Bilson, a subtle dipdye has become a hairdresser’s most common request in recent months. After all, we need something to brighten up our favourite black sweaters and jeans in the colder months – why not the ends of our ‘dos?

dip dye

10. Pastel clashes

More favoured in Spring/Summertime, the clash of two pastels has taken the fashion scene by storm this year. Never before would it have been acceptable to sport a baby pink top with a sky-blue handbag, but this year it became a raging trend! Remember to break up your vibrant outfit with some gold jewellery and you have a perfect and versatile look, whatever the weather!


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