2 For 1 At Iceland

Well, well well, what can you say about Iceland…

Without making another supermarket-related joke.

Let’s think for a moment. One of the team’s managers is a part-time dentist, their fans have developed a truly terrifying viking war cry chant, they’ve never qualified for a major footballing tournament before and 10% the country’s population just missed the presidential elections because they’re all at the Euros.

Yet they beat England.

Moreover, the mettlesome Nordic nation thoroughly deserved their 2-1 knockout stage victory against England. Having found themselves 1-0 down after an England penalty within five minutes, Iceland immediately took the game to England by going 2-1 up within 20 minutes.

England, on the other hand, have made an exit from Europe for the second time this week, prompting Roy Hodgson to take a leaf out of David Cameron’s book and resign as manager. It seems old habits die hard for England, as they once again found themselves unable to capitalise on prominent build-up play and find the crucial goal that became increasingly evasive as the final whistle beckoned.

By no means should Iceland even be at the European Championships, never mind in the quarter finals, yet their story is just so enchanting and their giant-killing spirit so infectious that one simply can’t help but find themselves rooting for Iceland.

Take a look at ITV’s highlights of the game here.