A Stottie Wedding Cake?!

We’ve spoken about our love of Greggs quite a lot here on B**P, but this creation by Brian Burn, of Mr Baker’s in Birtley, might just have topped it.

If you’re a Geordie, and a lover of stotties, you’re in for a treat.

Brian Burn may have just created the world’s first stottie wedding cake, a four-tier sandwich stack stuffed with classic fillings like ham and pease pudding. Yum!

The lucky couple to enjoy this delicious concoction is Jonathan Mills, 38, of Wallsend and Jo Mills, 35, of Whickham, at their wedding reception.

According to The Chronicle, Mr Burn said:

The whole thing came about when my friend Jonathan asked me to make him a wedding cake.

I said we don’t really do them much anymore because we focus more on baking bread – so he came out with ‘well, can you make a stottie wedding cake?’

I told him to stop being daft but then I Googled it and realised it hadn’t been done before so I decided to do it for a bit of fun.

We got the branches and leaves made up and the flowers were provided by the florists down the road, Pots and Posies.

The little figurines on top of the cake came from a stall on the Quayside and had to be cemented into place with pease pudding.

And then round the base we made 30 little ham and pease pudding sandwiches for the bairns.

If that doesn’t sound like a creation of dreams, we don’t know what it is.

What do you think?